Discusses Things from Sunning on the Beach to Having Brunch Brickell

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July 23
06:18 2022 Discusses Things from Sunning on the Beach to Having Brunch Brickell

Miami, Florida, is one of those renowned cities that draws visitors from around the world. Situated along the Florida coast, it’s an incredibly popular destination for tourists because of its long and ever-growing list of attributes and attractions. If like millions of other people, one is considering a trip to Miami in the near future, there are certain aspects of the city one won’t want to miss.

Beautiful Beaches

It’s almost impossible to think about Miami without envisioning gorgeous beaches. Travelers across the globe find themselves drawn to the sun, sand, and surf of the Magic City. While this nickname comes from numerous elements Miami has to offer, it’s certainly easy to see the magic as one sinks one’s toes into the sand and gazes at the local beachfront sunsets. One can browse around here to learn more about the beaches.

Incredible Cuisine

Food is another of Miami’s strong suits. This city is a vastly diverse cultural hub, and that factor clearly shows in the range of incredible foods awaiting locals and visitors alike. From tangy and refreshing key lime pies to the Asian fusion dishes and amazing brunches at CH’I Brickell, there’s no end to the culinary possibilities. Of course, the fresh local seafood can’t be overlooked. 

Marvelous Museums 

Miami also offers an array of museums for visitors who want to learn more about local history and culture or surround themselves with breathtaking artwork. One will find museums catering to different preferences as one browses the city’s streets. Children and science lovers aren’t left out of the mix, either.

Water Activities

Though we’ve already mentioned the beaches and alluded to the magic of the sea, it’s also important to cover some of the water-based activities for people to enjoy in Miami. Water skiing definitely tops the list, according to Scuba diving and snorkeling are popular as well. Of course, swimming, sailing, and fishing are also favorites.


Miami is likewise known for its vast nightlife. Those who enjoy music, dancing, and mingling with crowds certainly have plenty of options to choose from. On top of that, the list of cocktails that one could sample is virtually endless. From martinis to Miami vices and beyond, one could sip a different cocktail every hour for a week and still barely scratch the surface.

Making Miami a Destination of Choice

More than 24 million travelers come to Miami every year. Though it’s a common destination for business ventures, many people simply visit for a vacation to get away from the chaos and monotony of everyday life. Spending a Summer Getaway at Novotel Miami Brickell and making rounds to all the attractions of the city are great ways to drive away the blues and experience a new level of rejuvenation.

Miami has countless options to offer visitors, not the least of which are its beaches, restaurants, and museums. There’s something for everyone to enjoy at this south Florida seaport. From watching the cruise ships come and go fishing for marlin off the coast, one is sure to find plenty of ways to spend one’s days in Miami.

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