Pasadena Tree Services Helps Homeowner Improve Driveway Visibility

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Pasadena Tree Services Helps Homeowner Improve Driveway Visibility

July 23
05:18 2022

Pasadena, California – A company that’s known for its ability to improve tree safety without having to result in tree removal, yesterday Pasadena Tree Services helped Esther clear visibility on her driveway. Esther reportedly invited the company to her home after she almost hit one of her kids with her car when heading to work in a rush.

The son was playing on the driveway with his bike,” said Esther when explaining why she invited Pasadena Tree Services to her home. “Moses—just like all kids are—did not think that moving out of the way was a good idea. With the music turned up in the car and the windows rolled up, seeing Moses or hearing him on the driveway was nearly impossible.”

The homeowner noted that the only reason her son did not suffer an extreme injury that morning was that her car had perfect brakes. She noted that she had to swerve after braking to avoid crushing the 6-year-old son.

After this occurrence,” said Esther, “the family sat done and discussed the trees on the driveway. The husband and the kids agreed that it would be better if the trees were not on the landscape. It would be ideal than having the trees decorating the landscape and also doubling as a major risk.”

To learn more about how Pasadena Tree Services operates, read this story:

Esther reportedly talked to several friends to get a good idea of what company to use when removing the trees. The homeowner reportedly received numerous suggestions about using Pasadena Tree Services.

The trees were standing close to the house,” said Esther. “The driveway passed just behind the house and if the family was going to remove the trees, the goal was to ensure that no part of the house was affected. Therefore, the family needed a team with years of tree service experience.”

Esther reportedly went online and took a deeper look at Pasadena Tree Services and the services that the company had been offering its customers. She was satisfied when she realized that the company had a large number of satisfied customers.

The company had numerous positive testimonials,” said the homeowner. “Grabbing the company’s number from its Google My Business page, the family decided to invite the company on the landscape immediately.”

The homeowner was impressed when the company reported that they would arrive on the landscape to assess the trees and offer a quotation. The company reportedly arrived at Esther’s home at about 6 am the next day.

The family was surprised to learn that tree removal was not going to be necessary,” said Esther. “This was quite impressive because the family did not want to lose the trees—the goal was to just improve safety on the landscape. The company’s team of tree cutting professionals in Pasadena noted that this could be achieved through tree pruning.”

The homeowner reportedly left Pasadena Tree Services on the landscape working on the tree pruning procedure. She was reportedly impressed with the quotation she had received from the company—it was much more affordable than what she had set aside for the tree removal procedure.

The company did not just work on the tree pruning procedure,” said Esther. “When the husband arrived home—he arrived earlier than the rest of the family—he could not hesitate to call and congratulate the family for hiring Pasadena Tree Services. The team had improved the tree crown, cleared the driveway, and given the trees an attractive shape. What’s more, before leaving, the team had cleared the landscape, ensuring it was cleaner than the way it was when they arrived.”

Pasadena Tree Services’ base of operation is located at 624 W Howard St Pasadena, CA, 91103. The company, however, can be contacted at 626-790-1414 and [email protected]

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