Tree Service Experts Riverside Rents a Crane to Help a Homeowner with Emergency Tree Removal

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Tree Service Experts Riverside Rents a Crane to Help a Homeowner with Emergency Tree Removal

July 23
04:45 2022

Riverside, California – A company that has always offered emergency tree removal services on a 24/7 basis, Tree Service Experts Riverside yesterday helped Mrs. Jefferson get rid of a damaged tree in the middle of the night. The company had to rent a crane to make this emergency tree removal procedure possible. However, the company’s CEO noted that his company shouldered the cost of renting the crane.

“When Mrs. Jefferson called to report a large tree leaning dangerously over her house,” said the company’s CEO, “it was already 2 am. The company, however, was prepared to help the homeowner. Tree Service Experts Riverside has offered emergency tree services on a 24/7 basis for the past 2.5 decades. The only issue is that the company did not have a crane at the moment.”

The CEO noted that the crane was necessary because the tree’s falling direction had to be altered. Property damage would have been extremely high if the tree was allowed to maintain the same direction.

To see how Tree Service Experts Riverside has been helping homeowners, read this story:

“With Mrs. Jefferson’s house standing under the 100-foot tree,” said the CEO, “the company was unwilling to take any chances. With the tree’s weight, if it landed on the house, the damage could have cost more than $100,000 to repair. While the company does have insurance that takes care of unexpected damages, the goal has always been to reduce the risk of property damage at all costs. The company wouldn’t have wanted to keep Mrs. Jefferson outside her home to facilitate repairs that could have been avoided.”

The CEO noted that his company does have a crane. However, on the day Mrs. Jefferson called looking for help, the crane was in the garage undergoing vital repairs.

“The company has had a crane since it started offering its emergency tree removal services,” said the Tree Service Experts Riverside CEO. “However, yesterday, when the chief of field operations took the crane for a routine checkup, he realized that some major issues needed fixing. This meant the crane had to remain in the garage for more than two days. For this reason, when Mrs. Jefferson called, the company could not use its crane.”

Tree Service Experts Riverside reportedly called more than ten crane renters to secure a crane for use on Mrs. Jefferson’s landscape. This took longer than the CEO had expected.

“The company has a promise of responding to all emergency tree services less than an hour after receiving the request,” said the CEO. “However, the team took one hour and ten minutes to respond to Mrs. Jefferson’s request. The reason for the delay was the number of calls the company had to make to secure the crane. Without the calls, the CEO noted that the team would have arrived at the emergency site earlier.”

“The next goal will be to purchase a second crane,” added the CEO. “With two cranes, there is no way the company will ever need to waste time renting a crane. When one of the cranes is in the garage, the other will be handling client projects.”

The reporters contacted Mrs. Jefferson to determine whether she was satisfied with the results generated by Tree Service Experts Riverside. The homeowner noted that the company combined a crane, a bucket truck, and a very enthusiastic team to bring down the tree without damaging her home. Mrs. Jefferson pointed out that she was more than satisfied with the results generated by the company.

Tree Service Experts Riverside offices are at 6892 Doolittle Ave, Riverside, CA 92503, United States. The company can be contacted at +1 951-389-7990 and [email protected].

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