Standard Interpretation Of New Industrial Automation Robot – In 2022, Haggis Hegerls Launched A New Treasure Box Storage Robot System

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Standard Interpretation Of New Industrial Automation Robot – In 2022, Haggis Hegerls Launched A New Treasure Box Storage Robot System

July 07
03:40 2022

As an important link to improve logistics efficiency, intelligent warehousing system is undergoing an automatic and intelligent upgrading and adjustment process to achieve better consumer satisfaction. Recently, hagerls storage shelf manufacturer has launched a flexible logistics automation solution integrating factory and warehouse, providing a comprehensive automated logistics experience covering automated warehousing, warehouse management, picking and distribution, loading and unloading, and transportation and circulation of products / finished products. Among them, the box type storage robot independently developed by hegerls has gradually appeared in the public’s vision. At the same time, it has attracted wide attention for its excellent performance and flexible operation cooperation.

Different from the “shelf to person” latent AGV and traditional warehouse building solutions, the treasure box storage robot system takes “container” as the unit to provide efficient container to person and whole process automation solutions. With the core AI algorithm optimization, multi robot scheduling system and other technologies, the intelligent handling, picking and sorting of goods are realized, which quickly meets the needs of electronic manufacturing and other industries for accurate picking and handling of warehousing and logistics links. While giving the warehouse flexibility and quickly realizing automation, the storage density is increased by 80%-130% and the human efficiency is increased by 3-4 times.

At present, the new treasure box storage robot series launched by our company includes multi-layer bin robot A42, double deep position bin robot a42d, carton sorting robot a42n, telescopic lifting bin robot a42t, laser slam bin robot A42 slam. The new treasure box storage robot system of this series will be better applicable to multi scene applications to solve different storage pain points.

Characteristics of hegerls treasure box storage robot system

The hegris hegerls treasure box storage robot has the functions of intelligent picking and handling, autonomous navigation, active obstacle avoidance and automatic charging. It has the characteristics of high stability and high-precision operation. It can replace the repeated, time-consuming and heavy manual access and handling work, realize the efficient and intelligent “goods to people” picking, and greatly improve the storage density and manual efficiency of the warehouse.

Six advantages of hegerls treasure box storage robot

1) Intelligent picking and handling

Independent picking, intelligent handling, autonomous navigation, autonomous charging, high positioning accuracy;

2) Ultra wide storage coverage

The storage range covers 0.25m to 8m three-dimensional space;

3) High speed stable movement

Full load and no-load speed up to 1.8m/s;

4) Multi container handling

Each robot can access up to 8 containers at one time;

5) Wireless network communication

Support 5GHz band Wi Fi roaming to ensure barrier free operation;

6) Multiple safety protection

It has many safety functions, such as obstacle detection, active obstacle avoidance, anti-collision, alarm and emergency stop;

7) Multiple model selection

Some models are compatible with cartons / bins and multi-size containers;

8) Flexible customization of products

Support customization requirements such as fuselage height and color;

9) Optimal solution

Tailor the optimal scheme according to different application scenarios.

Hegerls has been committed to providing efficient, intelligent, flexible and customized warehousing automation solutions through robotics and artificial intelligence algorithms for many years, creating value for each factory and logistics warehouse. Hagerls focuses on the R & D and design of box storage robot system, and realizes the independent R & D of core elements such as robot body, bottom positioning algorithm, control system, robot scheduling, intelligent storage management system, among which the treasure box storage robot system has been applied to various industries such as shoes and clothing, e-commerce, electronics, electric power, manufacturing, medical treatment, etc. With kubao system, customers can realize warehouse automation transformation within one week, increase storage density by 80%-130% and improve workers’ work efficiency by 3-4 times.

Comparison between traditional manual warehouse and hegerls treasure box storage robot:

Traditional manual warehouse: “people looking for goods” and low storage efficiency

In the traditional manual operation warehouse, a worker spends more than 60% of the time walking in the warehouse, with an average of 40 kilometers per day. However, the time really spent on handling, storage and picking only accounts for 40% of the working hours, and most of the time is wasted on the way to find goods. Due to the low degree of informatization and automation, the warehouse management is difficult, the management efficiency is low, and the overall operation efficiency of the warehouse is low. Once large-scale activities such as “double eleven” and “618” proliferate, more staff will be required, and even temporary warehouse rental will occur, which will greatly increase their labor costs and warehouse rental costs.

Heigris hegerls treasure box storage robot: “goods arrive at people” to improve storage efficiency

The box type storage robot system – kubao system launched by Hergels includes four modules: kubao robot, intelligent management platform, multi-functional workstation and intelligent charging pile, which can realize the intelligent picking, handling and sorting of warehouse goods. Compared with other storage robot solutions, the kubao system can achieve high storage capacity, high hit rate and high picking efficiency due to the improvement of granularity from “shelf” to “container”. Kubao robot can carry up to 8 material boxes at the same time, which improves workers’ work efficiency by 3-4 times, covers 0.25-6.5m three-dimensional storage space, and increases storage density by 80%-130%.

Among them, the intelligent management platform can be called the “storage brain” of the kubao system, which can help the warehouse realize the management from paper orders to digital information. Through the docking with the warehouse management system, it is possible to analyze the business data of the past period in the period of large-scale promotional activities such as the “double 11” or “618” to carry out explosive tallying in advance and cooperate with the pre-sale, so as to achieve order sinking and prepare for the war in advance; At the same time, based on the algorithm platform, it can also realize order allocation, task allocation, path planning, traffic management, etc. the intelligent scheduling robot can efficiently process order tasks and maximize the efficiency of the robot.

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