Precautions For Material Selection Of Shower Room

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Precautions For Material Selection Of Shower Room

June 17
11:08 2022

Nowadays, when decorating, people basically install shower facilities in the bathroom. Now more and more people know that they should make the design of dry wet separation. However, in addition to the importance of dry wet separation, there are many problems that need to be paid attention to in the construction of shower room, such as the purchase and maintenance of some decoration materials. Let’s get to know.

Precautions for purchase – Tempered glass

We must choose 3C certified tempered glass to build the glass of shower room. Such glass has better quality assurance and will not explode. Presumably, we have also experienced the tragic event after the explosion due to the selection of inferior glass before, so the certified 3C certified tempered glass is the first choice.So how to judge whether it is real tempered glass? Generally, the regular tempered glass will have 3C certified glass, and it can’t be scraped off. The low-quality glass produced by some manufacturers will also be printed with 3C logo, but it will be scraped off with something. This kind of glass should never be bought.

Hardware accessories

A lot of hardware accessories will also be used to build the shower room. The tempered glass and the wall will be fixed together through the hardware accessories. A very important factor in whether the installed shower room is firm and safe is the quality of hardware, so we must choose good quality hardware.The first thing to choose the hardware of the shower room is to have a certain anti-corrosion ability, and the hardware should have a certain bearing capacity. After all, it may need to bear the weight of hundreds of kilograms of glass. When selecting the skeleton material of the shower room, the thickness should be at least 1.2mm, and the rail hanging aluminum material should be at least 1.5mm,

Carefully observe the sample of aluminum profile. Sealing water retaining strip

In order to ensure that the water vapor in the shower room does not leak to other places, you must remember to install a sealed water retaining strip, which is generally a rubber water retaining strip set between each piece of glass. The selection of this water retaining strip needs to have low temperature resistance and super waterproof ability. It is best to choose the current new environmental protection material.

Cleaning and maintenance of shower room – Tempered glass maintenance

For the cleaning of the tempered glass in the shower room, it is best to wipe the surface with the neutral detergent specially used in the bathroom. The items to be wiped should not be rough, but must be soft, otherwise it is more prone to scratches. During maintenance, pay attention not to hit the glass with sharp objects.

Maintenance of aluminum alloy frame

For the maintenance of aluminum alloy frame, the first and most important thing is to prevent direct sunlight and exposure, otherwise color fading may occur. When cleaning, you must remember not to use detergent with corrosive liquid to wipe, and toothpaste cannot be used to wipe aluminum alloy frame.

Maintenance of hardware

For the maintenance of hardware, it is mainly the slide rail and pulley. Remember to clean them regularly, and add lubricant regularly to ensure the smooth opening of the door and prevent the occurrence of poor sliding. Pay attention to adjusting screws regularly to avoid loosening and greater harm.The shower room is a place with a very special environment, which needs us to decorate it carefully. I also hope this article can help you build a shower room and create a comfortable and safe shower room.

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