See How This Innovative Brand Called OYO Went From £20k to £50k In Revenue In Just 60 Days.

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See How This Innovative Brand Called OYO Went From £20k to £50k In Revenue In Just 60 Days.

June 14
19:18 2022
From £20k To £50k In Just 60 Days. Our Learnings From Doubling The Revenue For An “Intimate” Skincare Brand With FB Ads, CRO And Pattern-Interrupting Creatives.

When Leonie founded OYO Skincare, little did she expect that her business would turn out to be such a success that it established a new micro-niche. Her trusty, (mostly) female customers fell in love with OYO’s 3-step routine for pubic skin and hair, and could easily identify themselves with the brand’s mission to make intimate skincare a breeze. Within just a few months, Leonie went from 0 to 20k/month in revenue.

But then, like a sports car with speed limiters, OYO’s growth came to a halt. That was when Leonie realized that in order to keep growing, she would need someone to take her business apart, analyze it and fix all the “leaks”.

She knew that finding a typical, all-around agency wouldn’t cut it so she was determined to find specialists who live and breathe e-commerce every day. When she came across Salesgenomics eCom Scaling Strategies on YouTube, it finally clicked. Leonie felt like she had found experts she could trust her business with.

Fast forward 2 months and her revenue have more than doubled (213%) while her email list has grown by 30%. All of that within a 60 day period. How was the SalesGenomics team able to create such results in the most challenging times ever for e-commerce owners?

The Fastest Way To Develop Your Competitive Advantage In 2022

In an oversaturated e-commerce market of 2022, the success has become less about the products you offer and more about the experience you deliver.

A great experience starts from the very first moment potential customers interact with a brand. For stores that actively look for new customers, this usually means paid ads.

A consistent output of conversion-optimized, buyer psychology-based ads provides e-commerce stores with a huge advantage over their competitors. The fact is that an overwhelming majority of businesses don’t (or can’t afford to) invest time and money in quality ad creatives.

How To Increase Sales By Creating The Perfect Customer Experience

While the SalesGenomics team focuses on applying the science of persuasion in their ads, they also have a deep grasp of other marketing pillars such as media-buying, CRO, offer strategy, or copywriting.

Their 20+-person team knows that a successful online business can thrive only when all “body organs” function in sync with each other and create the perfect customer experience.

For those store owners looking to take their businesses to 7 or 8 figures a year, having a marketing partner who can free up so much priceless time and energy is almost a must these days.

To help owners find the biggest roadblocks on their scaling journey, SalesGenomics offers no-obligation strategy calls. To apply for one, visit: Due to high demand for their services, they can take on only 1-2 new clients per month.

About SalesGenomics

SalesGenomics is an established e-commerce scaling agency focused on helping mission-driven companies. They’re notorious for rapidly scaling their clients’ revenue with the help of scroll-stopping ads created based on the science of persuasion.

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