Soulaymane Mahzoul, the Ambitious Multi-entrepreneur Introducing Traditional Businesses to NFTs

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Soulaymane Mahzoul, the Ambitious Multi-entrepreneur Introducing Traditional Businesses to NFTs

June 09
22:54 2022
Soulaymane Mahzoul wants to help businesses take advantage of the benefits that NFTs stand to offer them.

As technology advances, it brings with it many disruptions to the traditional way of doing business. One such advancement is the expected coming of web 3.0. For those who may not know, the coming of web 3.0 will allow businesses to efficiently cut out the middleman or centralized platforms and to connect directly with their customers.

Even though Web 3.0 is still in its early stages, an offshoot of it has been the NFT project which has become extremely popular in almost all circles. But even with this popularity, there are still more who have no idea about it. It is this group that Soulaymane Mahzoul wants to reach.

Soulaymane is a natural-born entrepreneur with a desire to help people. He has been involved with the NFT scene for a while and had noted with concern that some businesses are being left behind in the adoption of these new technology. This is what propelled him to start his latest venture which involves helping traditional companies to include web 3.0 and NFT in their proposals for modernization.

Soulaymane comes with heaps of experience in the NFT/web 3.0 space. In 2021, he launched an NFT collection with his business partner. Thanks to his innovative marketing experience, the collection was a tremendous success. 


Since then, Soulaymane Mahzoul has pivoted to doing consulting for people who want to start projects in the promising NFT sector. Clients of Soulaymane will be able to take advantage of his vast network and connections which he has gathered during his sojourn in the NFT space. Also, clients can rest assured that their projects will be started and completed on time as Soulaymane loves to move quickly.

About Soulaymane Mahzoul

Soulaymane Mahzoul started his entrepreneurship journey by reselling pairs of sneakers during his second year in prep school. He decided to move his commerce online but the money to do so wasn’t enough. This was not enough to deter Soulaymane, though. Using different acquisition channels especially Facebook Ads, Soulaymane was able to set up several shops. 

It was around this same time that he got an admission to study chemical engineering in a school in Normandy. However, his educational journey was short-lived as Soulaymane found it difficult combining schooling with his booming ecommerce business. So he dropped out after the first semester and concentrated fully on his business. 

This gamble soon paid off as Soulaymane became one of the very first French online merchants to launch ads on Snapchat Ads for ecommerce stores in early 2020. This was made possible thanks to his really innovative ad strategies. His numbers took off and he decided to move to the UAE (Dubai) because of the promising network there.

Immediately he arrived the Emirates, he began to develop his brand using influencer marketing which then turned out to be one of his biggest successes. In 2021, the pandemic brought with it a number of delivery delays which almost cost him his brand. But he was soon able to smooth things over.

The launch of his successful NFT collection in 2021 has once again brought Soulaymane to the forefront. In addition to his work in the NFT space, Soulaymane also has a long-term goal of developing a successful ecommerce brand that he can enhance and resell. 

To learn more about Soulaymane’s journey, please follow him on Instagram.

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