Application of Diatomite in Cigarette, Oil Sealing Paper and Fruit – Raising Paper

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Application of Diatomite in Cigarette, Oil Sealing Paper and Fruit – Raising Paper

June 08
11:56 2022

Diatomite can be used as stuffing for decorative paper. Decorative paper is used to post on the surface of imitation wood products, to provide better surface smoothness and aesthetic decorative materials. Diatomite can replace some expensive pigments in decorative paper, improve the loose thickness, opacity, adhesion, wear resistance and drying properties of paper, and maintain dimensional stability and wet deformation.

Diatomite can be used as water absorbent packaging paper stuffing. Purified diatomite is a natural mineral that does no harm to human body. The absorbent plastic paper and paperboard made of its porous and high absorbability are mainly used for food storage and packaging materials, as well as for medicine and daily necessities. Absorbent plastic wrap is used for the packaging of aquatic products or meat products, which can keep the moisture and freshness of aquatic products or meat, prevent secondary pollution from the outside world, and absorb the liquid that may leak out of aquatic products or meat in the process of transportation and storage. Used for packaging and storage of fruits, vegetables, cakes and other food, can keep the moisture of food, prevent the penetration of external odor and other pollutants, prevent the invasion of flies, bacteria and other organisms.

Diatomite can be used as a deodorant paper filler. At present, the deodorization paper varieties on the market are mainly activated carbon paper, zeolite paper, aluminum orthophosphates paper, etc., using diatomite for deodorization paper to remove the odor produced by life or industry, mainly using its porous, high porosity, large specific surface area, strong adsorption characteristics of physical deodorization. The deodorant paper can be used for refrigerator deodorant, room deodorant, car deodorant and so on.

The technical center of Jilin Yuantong Mine Co., Ltd. now has 42 employees, 18 professional and technical personnel with intermediate and senior titles engaged in the development and research of diatomite, and has more than 20 sets of advanced diatomite special testing instruments at home and abroad. The testing items include Crystalline silicon content, SiO2, A12O3, Fe2O3, TiO2 and other chemical components of diatomite products; product particle distribution, whiteness, permeability, cake density, sieve residue, etc.; trace heavy metal elements such as lead and arsenic required by food safety, Soluble iron ion, soluble aluminum ion, pH value and other items detection.

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