ClassBridges uses context of videogames to boost kids’ Math education

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ClassBridges uses context of videogames to boost kids’ Math education

June 08
01:12 2022
With children spending more time playing videogames, ClassBridges takes up the cudgels to create math resources and learning material based on popular videogames to boost their learning.

ClassBridges has stepped up efforts to create learning tools, workbooks, exercises, and guides for parents and their children, in a bid to support children’s learning and use the thing they already enjoy – playing videogames.

“The school system is broken. Studies suggest Children can be up to two years behind in their learning due to school closures, pandemic-induced restrictions, and the present setup of remote learning. In addition, over 50% of teachers are thinking of quitting. That’s where ClassBridges comes into the picture,” says Philip Wride, ClassBridges founder with 20+ years of experience in the videogame industry.

ClassBridges utilizes the context of videogames, like Minecraft, Roblox, FIFA, and other games, to help children become more engaged in their learning and development. It leads the pack in helping parents understand the videogames their children are playing and how to create learning routines at home, helping them solve the headache of trying to get children to do math homework.

“We are laser-focused on supporting children in the 6-11 age bracket by creating math resources based on their favorite videogames. This approach generates a level of familiarity because all the questions are things they will recognize from the games. Feedback from parents shows that their children are more engaged in doing the math work.” explains Philip, who has spent over two decades working in the videogame industry including periods working on the FIFA title at EA SPORTS, Disney Universe title for Disney and other titles for Square Enix.

ClassBridges has released a “Videogame Math Library” containing 1000+ math practice sheets based on different games and math topics for ages 6-9. The math education library will be expanded to include content for ages 9-11 before the end of the year. There are also plans for an online quiz platform where children will be able to choose their favorite game and age group and the platform will generate game-based questions for them to answer.

Philip says ClassBridges uses a propriety framework and context-based learning, which is the process of taking an activity, experience, or area of knowledge and utilizing it as a wrapper around learning material.

For instance, ClassBridges references the map and layout of rooms in the spaceship of the online game “Among Us”, a 2018 online multiplayer social deduction game developed and published by an American game studio, for Perimeter or Area maths, or using the resources in videogame series Minecraft to calculate the number of materials needed to build a city using multiplication tables.

“The goal is to have every child willingly connect and interact with the learning content because the context is familiar and appealing to them. From this, the ClassBridges team aims to build a state of “flow” wherein working through Math problems, and challenges become effortless,” explains Philip.

The ClassBridges founder has consulted globally with governments and global brands about the games industry and has written for a variety of publications, including the Guinness Book of World Records and BBC Technology.

Those who wish to learn more about ClassBridges and its game-changing approach may visit the website for more information.

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