The Million Dollar Pitch – Millionaire Blueprint For Pitch 2 Profit By Firuzi Kotwal

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The Million Dollar Pitch – Millionaire Blueprint For Pitch 2 Profit By Firuzi Kotwal

June 08
00:21 2022
Your 6-Figure Lifestyle – Create a lifestyle business with an automated wealth generator to achieve your desired wealth, lifestyle, and freedom faster than ever before

Firuzi Kotwal, A Board Member, Speaker And Advisor To Fortune 500 Business Leaders Globally Debuts New The Million Dollar Pitch Focused on Empowering C-Suite, Professional Experts & Entrepreneurs to Create your desired wealth, 7-figure lifestyle, and freedom faster than ever before in this dynamic competitive world.

Firuzi ensures accelerated success to create more cash & influence than you ever imagined using winning pitches which monetizes everything with one signature million dollar winning pitch blueprint a system driven approach to creating an automated wealth generator to create Your Own High-Powered Lifestyle for overworked or underpaid expert professionals & executives. Firuzi is the founder of The Million Dollar Pitch System, an International Investors Strategy Mastermind Program, and now, she has announced Pitch 2 Profit that she will also be branching out with for other aspiring C-Suite, Experts & Professionals to grow their wealth & lifestyle to achieve freedom. she will be leveraging her experience & expertise as a successful serial entrepreneur in Pitching & Selling to deliver worldclass Winning Pitch strategies to corporates, entrepreneurs & aspiring professionals in all industries, including large corporates & ambitious entrepreneurs who want to scale their businesses & achieve exponential financial growth which is a step towards Financial Freedom.

As a Board Director, Firuzi specializes in strategies for launching & scaling lifestyle businesses, growing revenues & profits for international organizations to achieve a greater ROI through her world-class Pitching system. Through her own brand, Firuzi will offer one-on-one mentoring that builds strategies from the ground up to create a lifestyle business with an automated wealth generator. Each client will receive an in-depth Strategy Call that allows Firuzi to fully understand the specific needs and pain points of the client’s & organization. Then, Firuzi will build a customized strategy aimed at maximizing revenues & profits to help create a life of choice & not chance.

Statistics show that the power of well crafted Pitches is undeniably your next step to success upto seeking investment funding which depends on a winning Elevator Pitch. Winning pitches will get you successful partnerships, Joint ventures, collaborations, media coverage & much much more! Pitching is the best way to get ranked as the top industry expert to become a highly paid professional! Nearly 95% of the world trades time for money & only 5% of the world knows how to make money work for them. So be a part of the 5% that makes you a millionaire & start your 6-Figure Lifestyle. Firuzi expertly carves wold-class winning pitch system where pitches will drive growth through sales, leads, revenues, investments to create 6-figures scaling to 7-figures lifestyle business to empower you to retire in 3 – 5 years so that you work only once & never have to work again! More information can be found at

Firuzi is a world class winning pitch expert who empowers C-Suite, Expert Professionals & Entrepreneurs design their automated wealth generator that takes you to a 7-figure lifestyle business with guaranteed financial freedom

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