SportsTrotters Gears Up for Presale

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SportsTrotters Gears Up for Presale

June 06
23:09 2022
SportsTrotters is a collection of 3,333 sports-inspired non-fungible tokens on the Solana blockchain. The project is preparing for the presale event, creating whitelists, and inviting early birds to celebrate the bloom of one of the biggest sports NFT projects.

The world of digital and NFT art is steadily growing, embracing dozens of sci-fi, tech, and game-related projects into the fold. Sports-based NFTs are also fairly popular, but aside from official clubs, not many projects offer high utility – staking, token-based governance, the ability to use native coins on other blockchains and NFT marketplaces, and such.

SportsTrotters hold a different mindset. This NFT project provides its token holders as much utility as possible. Blending the blockchain technology with real-world utility, SportsTrotters aims to grace sports fans worldwide with a thoroughly immersive sporting experience.

The project is currently in the early stages of pre-mint engagement, revealing tiny sneak peeks into the heavily anticipated SportsTrotters NFT art, forging smart partnerships with brands and businesses that are actively supporting the digital aspects of sports, as well as preparing giveaway events for early birds and true sports fans. 

The presale date is yet to be announced, but the project’s spokesperson imparts that 500 OG and 2,000 whitelisted members will have an opportunity to mint the first generation of SportsTrotters NFT on Solana. 

The SportsTrotters project had also announced that five unique Golden VIP Passes will be planted into the remaining SportsTrotters NFTs during the official public sale, waiting for five lucky members to graciously reward them.

What separates SportsTrotters from other emerging NFT sports projects is unparalleled utility. After the official public sale and aftermarket sale events have been closed, the project will engage in digital giveaways via airdrops, weekly Minor League giveaways, Q&A calls with famous sports people, host live events and schedule match meet-ups, as well as present the staking function to all SportsTrotters holders. 

After the first generation of SportsTrotters has been minted, the project plans to leverage feedback and fan requests to create a stronger, more versatile, and improved Gen2 SportsTrotters collection.

More information about SportsTrotters is available on the project’s official Discord and Twitter pages. 

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