Why One Should Buy 4T7’s Smart Kitchenware, Cutting Boards

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Why One Should Buy 4T7’s Smart Kitchenware, Cutting Boards

June 06
14:26 2022

How to accurate food intake while working from home? Try smart kitchenware smart cutting board. 

In this modern age of technology, everything needs to be smart, whether related to your work or health, just like a smart cutting board. A healthy lifestyle needs healthy and smart tools. Live a healthy life with a smart healthy cutting board. 4T7’s intelligent cutting board provides all functions in one machine. A built-in timer so you can easily count the time for cooking and preparing your favourite dish. It contains an exact electronic weighing scale and a Bluetooth app connection; the app lets you watch and share cooking experiences. It comes with a detachable cutting board design, a folding back design and magnetic storage design, etc. 

What is the healthiest type of cutting board? 

A 4T7 cutting board lets you have the benefits of living a healthy life with its numerous benefits. All 4T7’s components are meant to be particularly useful, but when combined, the experience is better than the collection of its parts. Our cutting board is environmentally friendly, made with recycled materials that are both waterproof and fireproof, and provides an aesthetic perspective design with a simple golden ratio. The centrepiece of 4T7 is its chopping board, which comes either in bamboo or walnut and has weatherproof and mold-proof coatings on the surface and powerful magnets in the top right-hand corner that can retain your knife while you’re not slicing, dicing, or trimming.

Smart cutting board, smart weight Loss, live healthily

with our intelligent cutting board. The panel works well for fruits, veggies, and meats. However, if you’re continuing to work with both veggies and meats, a secondary board allows you to start dividing your meals by classification to avoid cross-contamination. In contrast, the primary board allows you to start preparing your food, with a stream running along the board’s periphery to collect blood/juices. 

Accurate weighing makes you healthier and more alive

Try a smart cutting board with a weighing function: The Intelligent in the advanced Cutting Board comes from 4T7’s Kitchen Scale App. Aside from merely preparing and weighing your components, the app expands the board’s usefulness by providing a deeper look into the food that you eat. The Kitchen Scale App may provide a calorie analysis of your meals depending on your recipe, components, and proportions, providing unique insights to individuals who wish to manage what (and how much) they consume.

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