Eat To Perform Reinvents Dieting with Strategic Plans

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Eat To Perform Reinvents Dieting with Strategic Plans

May 26
16:33 2022
Eat To Perform makes it easier to stay healthy and fit without following unrealistic diet fads.

Calorie counting and restrictive diet plans have been all the rage for decades. Eat To Perform, a nutrition and fitness coaching service, works to transform dieting perceptions with personalized plans centered on sustainable health practices. Its goal is to put the focus back on health and teach people about the importance of proper nutrition and exercise in losing weight and keeping it off.

“We are breaking the shackles of endless dieting,” says the team from Eat To Perform. “We strategically use aggressive cycles and then teach our clients how to move calories back to normal.”

One of the biggest reasons obesity rates continue to rise over the years is unrealistic body perceptions paired with extreme dieting trends that do more harm than good. Eliminating certain food groups can lead to nutrient deficiency, severe health concerns, or even food intolerance. Moreover, once these diets are stopped, whatever weight lost during the diet is quickly gained back, perhaps even more.

Eat To Perform sets itself apart by using diet cycles – using time as a goal rather than weight – to create long-lasting healthier results. Most clients start their cycle in Fat Loss, short, intense periods of dieting, and then move on to Performance Recomp (recomposition) to gain lean muscles and reduce fat mass. These periods of fat loss and muscle gain normalize calorie numbers, bringing faster results and keeping the weight off for good. Anyone can use this method to achieve whatever goal they want, whether to improve physical health, better appreciate their body, or build a healthier relationship with food.

These diet cycles are built on scientific approaches and perfected through rigorous research. Eat To Perform has partnered with industry leaders, such as Dr. Susan Kleiner (author of the best-selling book “New Power Eating”), to make sure every piece of information benefits clients and puts them closer to a better and more vibrant version of themselves.

Eat to Perform coaches walk each client through diet cycles, teaching them about meal planning and macronutrients and motivating them to push through in their journey. They check in on clients twice a week. An app that monitors and tracks progress is also available to keep clients focused on their goals. Free meal plans are available upon membership, but they can be customized to fit each client’s unique goal.

Over the years, Eat To Perform has helped thousands of individuals shift their mindset about dieting, helping them adopt healthy eating and lifestyle habits for optimal wellness and positive self-transformations.

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