Cummins Powerbloc™ Diesel Generator Completed Stacking Vibration Test

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Cummins Powerbloc™ Diesel Generator Completed Stacking Vibration Test

May 06
17:18 2022

Recently, Cummins Power conducted the stacking vibration test of the PowerBloc™ diesel generator, showing its high energy to users. The test results confirmed that when three diesel generators are stacked, the diesel generators performs well under various working conditions, in line with ISO8528-9. standard. The successful completion of this test further verifies the stable and reliable excellent performance of PowerBloc™ products, helping customers save time and money!

Cummins PowerBloc™ is an epoch-making product designed based on Cummins’ experience in the key power protection industry for more than ten years and based on customer pain points. It has the characteristics of fast installation, small footprint, low noise and strong performance. Shorten the project construction period, reduce the total operating cost, and reduce the demand for construction land for customers. Once listed, it will be recognized by customers!

 Cummins Powerbloc™ Diesel Generator Completed Stacking Vibration Test

Testing process

At the test site, engineers arranged 131 sensors on the engine, generator, controller, water tank, base, and container shell of the upper and lower units respectively, and analyzed the data returned by the sensors through the computer to analyze the vibration under different working conditions and the possible impact on the performance of the diesel generator.

At the test site, engineers placed the two units below by lifting from four corners. The PowerBloc™ CSC compliant container design makes lifting very easy. The test engineer fixed the connecting parts at the corners where the unit needs to be connected, and lifted the third unit and placed it above the two units at the bottom, which is similar to the shape of a zigzag structure.

With the start of the dummy load (the dummy load is a temporary load used for debugging or testing the performance of the machine, usually an informal load equivalent to the real load composed of a combination of resistance, capacitance and inductance). The three diesel generators on the test site were also start successively. Even in a relatively closed factory building and there are two generator sets next to it running under dummy load, the noise emitted by the three generator sets is still within an acceptable range.

The three diesel generators are loaded at 100% load at the same time, the unit runs smoothly, and there is no visible vibration. The engineers started the units respectively, and performed vibration tests under extreme conditions such as single-step loading of 100%, steady-state 110% overload, frequency sweep, and emergency stop. The test data shows that the vibration index is in line with expectations, there is no resonance under various working conditions, and the vibration reduction system has excellent performance, fully meeting the standard of ISO8528-9.

Over the years, Cummins Power has continued to innovate, helping Chinese companies succeed and achieve global development with advanced products and considerate services. As an authorized OEM manufacturer of Cummins, Dingbo Power is committed to the long-term development of Cummins generator sets, and is also constantly introducing advanced technology and advanced equipment in the industry similar to Cummins Power, and is committed to providing high-tech, high-quality products and high-quality services to users.

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