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April 26
07:30 2022 Asks the Question What Is Text to Speech?

When a system or device takes text and converts it to synthesized speech, the user benefits from text-to-speech technology. Individuals with hearing impairments, those with disabilities, and the elderly often rely on this technology to communicate with others. In addition, anyone who cannot read a screen for some reason or would find doing so inconvenient may rely on this technology to assist them. 

Advancing Technology

In the past, devices struggled to provide natural-sounding speech, but that is no longer an issue. The speech produced by this technology today mimics the pitch, inflection, rate, and pronunciation used by humans in everyday speech. To see how far the industry has come, look at this

Uses for Text-to-Speech

Most people associate the use of text-to-speech with those who are hearing impaired. They enter text into a device and it speaks this text on their behalf. However, any person who wants to listen to a piece of content rather than reading it may use this technology. This helps to explain why the Text-to-Speech Market Emerging Growth, Insights, Industry Analysis, Trends and Forecasts Report 2028 remains positive for the industry. 

Men and women may also use this technology when they are writing or editing. Doing so allows them to maintain a high focus level. As this technology may be used with almost any digital device, more people will probably use it in the future. In fact, many websites offer the feature today. 

The Benefits of Text-to-Speech

According to, 21 percent of individuals today prefer audiobooks and podcasts rather than written text. This use of this technology allows them to acquire new information while engaging in other tasks. In addition, this technology benefits those who are illiterate or struggle to read written text. This includes young children who may take in new information before they can read themselves. 

Men and women attempting to learn a new language benefit from the technology provided by WellSaid Labs. Although a person can learn a language by reading and studying material, they often struggle with pronunciation and fluency. Dialects leave them feeling lost. With this technology, they gain a better understanding of pitch, inflection, and more with the language they are learning. 

America’s population is aging. As it does, more people will find they suffer from visual or auditory issues. This may lead to them not being able to gain new information as easily. With text-to-speech technology, they can communicate with others. This is of great importance, as social isolation and loneliness are detrimental to a person’s health, particularly when it comes to the elderly. The technology reduces the risk of a person finding themselves set apart from society because of a visual or auditory issue. 

Text-to-speech technology continues to develop, and more places are adopting it today to better meet the needs of their clients and users. Any person may find the use of this technology benefits their life in ways they never imagined. Learn more today to see how it can simplify one’s life in a variety of ways. 

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