Kid Millionaire Corp. to Host National Prosperity Day Aimed at Teaching Youth the Importance of Prosperity Conscious Thinking & Financial Personal Development

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Kid Millionaire Corp. to Host National Prosperity Day Aimed at Teaching Youth the Importance of Prosperity Conscious Thinking & Financial Personal Development

April 26
01:26 2022
The National Prosperity Day is a day established to take the first steps towards being committed to become financially healthy

The basics of finance and investment, including the importance of long-term goals and asset allocation among other things, are important lessons to learn for young adults and children. It is common to find young people who are confused about personal finance. They are not sure how to save, what to save, how to invest,or donate and the many other important issues that surround finance. Furthermore, there are not so many organizations offering financial education for them.

On this note, Kid Millionaire Corp. is pleased to announce the National Prosperity Day, a day set aside to teach young people how to become financially healthy by taking the first lessons of financial personal development. Kid Millionaire was established to provide financial literacy to support young people globally via its online courses and in person programming. The personal financial development company was created to support youth to adopt prosperity conscious thinking to become financially healthy.

The National Day of Prosperity by Kid Millionaire Institute will be held at Paul Revere Elementary located at 1010 E. 72nd Chicago, Illinois 60620 on Friday May 27, 2022 from 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. During the event, youth who are part of the Kid Millionaire program will host their first business that will fuel the opportunity to deposit their earnings within their first savings account with Marquette Bank, and turn their savings into investing opportunities. Each scholar will receive a $25 Matching Savings Certificate. Parents will have an opportunity to open savings and checking accounts.

Kid Millionaire teaches finances through an array of real-time effective tools and practical methods. It develops youth and parents to become financially sound and adopt a prosperity-conscious mindset through e-learning courses, a thought-provoking financial curriculum, books, after-school programs, classes, during school, audio books, and the Kid Millionaire Wealth-Building Kit.

To get kids and young adults enrolled for Kid Millionaire financial literacy programs, please visit and

About Kid Millionaire Corporation

Kid Millionaire Corporation. is a personal development and financial prosperity program aimed at helping children and young adults become financial literates. The Kid Millionaire Institute understands that youth  deserve to be financially enlightened at this moment than ever. This has been observed from research done by several financial experts, parents, and school authorities, emphasizing the dire need for teaching youth about finance at an early stage.

Founded by X’ernona Woods is a Bachelor of Science degree graduate from Dillard University and a former high school teacher with fifteen years of experience working with inner-city youth, Kid Millionaire Corporation. has a wealth of resources, courses, and  phenenomenal books to help young people master the prosperity concepts and methods that mold the to become emboldened to become financially astute.

For more information, please visit or send an email to [email protected].

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