The Men Movement Foundation Is Bringing Feminist Men from Around the World to Eradicate the Gender Inequality in Eastern Europe

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The Men Movement Foundation Is Bringing Feminist Men from Around the World to Eradicate the Gender Inequality in Eastern Europe

April 23
04:12 2022
The company is committed to raising awareness and raising men to bridge the prevalent gender gap

Europe has remained at the forefront of global human development around the globe – a feat made possible by constructive government policies and the determination of its citizen to enact and adopt change. Beneath the success of this continent lies a great bias to half of the population. Gender inequality rears its head in violence against women, a disproportionate pay gap, and underrepresentation in the workplace to mention a few.

In Eastern Europe, North Macedonia’s Gender Equality Index in 2019, revealed that there are opportunities in guaranteeing women’s rights as well as promoting equality for women in different sectors of the economy. The Men’s Movement Foundation is bringing men from all over the world to champion this cause.

The Men’s Movement Foundation is a non-profit organization in North Macedonia that broadens the perspectives of men and boys as they learn, understand and are later equipped to fight for gender inequality. The foundation’s core mission of combatting violence against women and promoting gender equality in Eastern Europe is achieved by a partnership with local companies, where individuals are provided with deliberate talks and tailored activities to better help them understand gender inequality and to identify the equality gap within their organization. The Men’s Movement Foundation is primarily focused on supporting the victims of gender despair, domestic violence, and harassment in North Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo and Hungary.

Furthermore, the foundation is preparing female asylum seekers in Europe for entrance into a new society by implementing social programs alongside UN women, across several countries. This is to facilitate their easy integration into the European community and support them in their journey.   

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About The Men Movement Foundation

Benjamin Gunst conceived the idea of The Men Movement Foundation. Benjamin is a Quebecoise digital nomad and graphic designer that grew up in Canada but has lived in Europe for the past six months. He was raised by a single mother after his father abandoned the family when he was 3. His mother suffered from depression and attempted to commit suicide when Benjamin was 5 owing to the barrage of criticism and derogatory comments she suffered in her workplace because of her marital status. This experience later went on to spur Benjamin’s passion of supporting women in whatever state they may be. A passion that birthed The Men Movement Foundation.    

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