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Let’s Get Skin Deep with Restoration Ink

April 23
01:39 2022
How does stretch mark tattooing work?

It is easy to believe that stretch marks affect up to 90% of the female population, including men. They are extremely common and nothing to be ashamed of. However, a lot of people feel embarrassed about them and try to hide them.

Stretch marks tend to appear when there is a sudden stretching of the skin over a short period of time. They often appear on the abdomen, hips, buttocks and thighs.

They are a type of scar that has formed when the collagen and elastin in the skin have ruptured. It is actually the healing process that creates the scar.

There are many causes for the appearance of stretch marks. Pregnancy, rapid weight gain and even the level of Cortisol levels may play a role. What determines the severity of the appearance is a person’s genetics.

How does stretch mark tattooing work?

Stretch mark tattooing is a form of cosmetic tattooing. It is a type of micropigmentation that blends so naturally with someone’s skin colour that the ink is almost invisible.

However, not all stretch marks can be camouflaged. Newly formed stretch marks that are red or purple in appearance are much more challenging to cover up. Also, the skin would be far too sensitive to be tattooed over with being so newly damaged. Once the stretch mark has healed, a more desired look will be achieved.

When the tattoo has healed, the skin will appear and feel smoother once blended back to its original skin tone before the stretch marks originally appeared.

Unfortunately, tattooing over stretch marks and scars can be slightly more painful than traditional permanent makeup. As the skin is already slightly damaged, it will likely be more sensitive.

As with any tattoo or permanent makeup procedure, the correct aftercare must be followed that has been provided by the artist. Proper aftercare will achieve better results with a quicker healing time.

The area must not be scratched, no matter how much it is itching. Do not go swimming or sweat near the treated area for two weeks. Avoid any sun exposure for 60 days. Be aware that camouflaged skin does not tan when exposed to sunlight. The scars are likely to stand out. That is something to bear in mind when tanned.

Something to consider is that whilst healing; the tattooed area may get darker before it gets lighter. Just be patient and trust the healing process.

As with all treatments, research the artist and ensure they have the proper training and enough knowledge about the procedure they are about to carry out.

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