Samantha Lewis Publishes Delicate Details of Her Life In Her Book with Author’s Tranquility Press

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Samantha Lewis Publishes Delicate Details of Her Life In Her Book with Author’s Tranquility Press

April 21
21:40 2022
‘I Want My Darn Skates’ is a nothing-held-back account of Samantha Lewis’ life and her struggles with drugs

First time author, Samantha Lewis recently published her book, ‘I Want My Darn Skates’ with the help of top publishing company, Author’s Tranquility Press. As a first time author, Samantha is getting the much needed publicity for her top rated book with the exceptional publishing company.

In this book, Samantha Lewis comes bare, opening up about her life struggles as an offspring of a poor black family. After a life of unmatched struggles, Samantha turns back to God, dejected, looking for answers which led her to outlining her life in this book as instructed by God.

‘I Want My Darn Skates’ gives an account of her hard life starting from the age of 9. Similar to the life story of black people from poor families, Samantha’s schooling was cut short when she got married and got pregnant. She reveals in details how her marriage didn’t work out which led to her enlisting in the Air Force and becoming a commissioned officer. Life went on beautifully as she found love again and had another child.

However, the author’s luck seemingly ran out fast as she was diagnosed with sarcoidosis which led to her early retirement from the Force. She draws her readers in with clear details of how bad a hand life dealt her because she had to return home to nothing but emptiness, drugs, stress and death.

According to her, I returned to Alabama and the circumstances began which led to me writing my book. I had my third child but my marriage is falling apart, my mother dies, my family is fighting, two of my brothers die and I end up on cocaine. With nowhere to turn, I turn to God and He tells me that I have a story in me. He tells me if I write it that He will bless it.”

Samantha’s story is a deep one that she shares to help people who are in the same position as she is. She hopes that her readers are touched and inspired to keep moving on in spite of their terrible circumstances.

“This book is worth every penny! I was entertained and interested in this book and found it very hard to put down. You get to know all the characters in depth-never a boring moment. In short, it chronicles the life of Samantha and all her siblings: their childhood, adulthood, their kids, and the many journeys that life seems to take them all on-the good and the bad. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good story,” said Zee.

‘I Want My Darn Skates’ is available in hardcopy on Amazon and also in soft copy on Kindle

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