Easy Yogurt Launches Kickstarter Campaign For New Innovative Yogurt Maker

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Easy Yogurt Launches Kickstarter Campaign For New Innovative Yogurt Maker

April 20
17:14 2022
The new YogurHeim is a simple lightweight device that turns the whole milk jug into yogurt

Easy Yogurt is delighted to announce the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for its new innovative yogurt maker named YogurHeim.

The new product was created as an alternative to the stressful and cumbersome process of making yogurt with regular yogurt machines.

Unlike most yogurt makers that come with different compartments and require a lot of additional equipment, including jars for storing the yogurt, YogurHeim is an easy-to-use device with a simple design that turns the milk into yogurt right inside their jars.

The creators insist that they were driven to make YogurHeim, by the sheer dissatisfaction she experienced using regular yogurt makers.

“We wondered why the process was so inconvenient when all that needed to be done was to hit the milk at the proper temperature. Deciding that the simplest way to heat milk was in its jug, we proceeded to develop the first prototype by inserting an aquarium heater through the hole we made on the cap of the milk jug.”

While the first prototype broke easily, the creators continued adjusting the design and solving problems along the way, until they finally produced a reliable model with an efficient heating control system.

Thanks to YogurHeim the yogurt-making process has been reduced to four easy steps. After getting all the required items, the user needs to first let out some milk from the jug to create some space for the addition of a yogurt starter.

The next step involves fastening YogurHeim and plugging in the power cord after shaking the milk and yogurt starter mixture. While the time sets automatically, users can increase or decrease the fermenting time by 10 minutes.

Once fermentation is complete, YogurHeim will indicate that the process is done, and the user simply needs to shake and refrigerate for 10 hours or more.

YogurHeim intends to give people the ability to easily make yogurt regardless of time or place. The simplistic design allows for easy storage and cleaning of the device after use involves only a few seconds.

Anyone interested in learning more about this project or supporting its campaign can click on the following link to be transported to the Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/easyyogurt/easy-yogurt-yogurt-made-easy?ref=40d9ey&token=1da6ae42

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Company Name: YogurtHeim
Contact Person: Ryan Sim
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Country: United States
Website: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/easyyogurt/easy-yogurt-yogurt-made-easy?ref=40d9ey&token=1da6ae42

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