P2E Game Platform Modulous Opens Presale of its First NFT MODLian

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P2E Game Platform Modulous Opens Presale of its First NFT MODLian

April 20
19:39 2022
P2E Game Platform Modulous Opens Presale of its First NFT MODLian

The Klaytn-based P2E platform Modulous’ first NFT, MODLian, starts its presale on April 27th (whitelist starts from April 25th). MODLian is Modulous’ native NFT whose holders are rewarded with distributed revenue from the P2E ecosystem and will be entitled to a preferential right to purchase from presales of games that are soon to be launched.

Modulous, a decentralized P2E platform with a wide range of decentralized applications (dApps) embedded in the platform, such as a marketplace for NFTs and a DEX (decentralized exchange), plans to showcase its convenient service to users who are new to blockchain games. Users can gain rewards by playing games that have been launched on the Modulous platform or sell NFT assets to form a voluntary economic ecosystem. In addition, the tokens from sales can be easily cashed out by converting them to KLAY, the Klaytn token, from the DEX on the Modulous platform.

Modulous Platform’s Games Line-Up

“Dragon Raja Raid” and “Dead Walker” are the games that represent the game line-up revealed alongside its launch. Many more games will follow them onto the Modulous platform, according to their own development timetable.

“Dragon Raja Raid” is a collectible role-playing game (RPG), recreated through the utilization of the copyright of “Dragon Raja”, a two-million-selling Korean fantasy novel, the finest of its genre, and which began its serialization in October 1997 on the PC communications network of Hitel. Gamers can buy or sell Dragon NFTs, which are the game’s exclusive content, or even acquire a new Dragon NFT via the game’s breeding system. 

“Dead Walker” is an FPS game with an exciting story of survival from zombies in a world where the Z Virus that transforms humans into zombies is spreading, and players can acquire weapon NFT to craft more powerful NFTs by combining them. Players can get excitement and satisfaction as they gather their own NFTs and earn rewards, as well as just playing to experience it.

Detailed Timetable for the Presale of MODLian the First NFT

You can apply for preferential purchasing (whitelisting) through the official website for MODLian presale on April 25th, at 8 am (EST), and after checking out that you are selected, you may participate in the minting process on April 27th.

A Modulous representative told the media: “Even with the surge of P2E games and the increasing adoption from big gaming companies, it’s still hard to find a sustainable P2E platform. We are aiming to become the leading platform by offering a diverse set of built-in dApp features”, and “We are also planning to expand the Modulous Ecosystem through NFT-based DeFi service and NFT lending service, and at the same time, provide a user-friendly decentralized platform by actively utilizing MODLian, its governance NFT, to engage users in the decision-making process of the project.”

Media Contact
Contact Person: Rina Setyowati
Email: Send Email
Country: Singapore
Website: https://modulous.io/

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