Youtuber Posts Video of Staggering Returns that Made Him A Millionaire, Here’s How He Did It

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Youtuber Posts Video of Staggering Returns that Made Him A Millionaire, Here’s How He Did It

April 20
17:24 2022

The UK-based Youtuber, Jonathan has released a new video on his YouTube Channel, Trade Wise that will excite cryptocurrency traders. The video is about how Jonathan made 10923% return from his investment in just 4 months. The video is titled “How I Turned $11,268.28 into $1,230,855.55 In 4 Months [With Proof!] – 10,923% Return Investing”. 

Jonathan is the founder of Trade Wise. With Trade Wise, Jonathan is helping amateur traders to make profits from their trades by introducing them to strategies and other trading products that are tried and tested. Trade Wise also offers copy trading services. Jonathan is an experienced trader and investor, and a tester of trading products for more than a decade.

Jonathan posts informative videos regularly on how to trade cryptocurrency markets and make profits by timing the trades right. With more than 12000 subscribers, Jonathan’s Youtube channel is gaining traction and good reviews among the crypto trading community.

He recently posted about DeFi, Decentralised Finance and one can find the video here. Jonathan posts about his views on the markets and the right strategies to implement to get manifolds returns. ‘Monthly updates’ is something that Jonathan comes up with each month for his viewers.

“I’m blown away by how quickly I was able to become a millionaire, and I’m hoping to do the same again in 2022 by getting in early on some exciting new projects. The crypto sector is making more millionaires than any other asset class in history, and I want to help people to benefit from this rapid growth on my Youtube channel”, said Jonathan about the cryptocurrency market.

Jonathan believes that crypto is ‘the future. He says that if one selects the right tokens by valuing the underlying projects and technology properly, he can make unlimited gains from his investments. Jonathan has been in trading and investing for a decade and he found equity and forex markets very complicated and somewhat slow as compared to crypto. He says that when he started with crypto, he made many wrong investments by rushing in the token selection and therefore betting on the unworthy ones. 

With the experience of many failed trades, he was finally able to make profits and select the right tokens to invest in, and now he’s on a mission to educate fellow traders on the markets so that they don’t regret their investment decisions later. 

One can find the link to Jonathan’s latest video here: How I Turned $11,268.28 into $1,230,855.55 In 4 Months [With Proof!] – 10,923% Return Investing.

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