TimeRichMe is helping people reclaim time for what matters most to them

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TimeRichMe is helping people reclaim time for what matters most to them

April 20
16:30 2022
TimeRichMe is helping people improve their time management skills and reclaim time for what matters most to them.

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Founded by Dr. Ana-Maria Olteteanu in 2021, TimeRichMe is a minimalistic interactive site that helps people develop better time management habits so that they feel time richer every day. 

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“In our information and opportunity rich environments, we suffer often from overwhelm – from the feeling we that don’t have enough time to do what we want, that we are constantly being pulled in different directions, and we end up postponing some parts of our lives for disappointing lengths of time. What happens often is that we get focused on one particular aspect of our life – for example work – and dedicate most of our energies to it. We find it hard to keep it all in balance. We then discovered that friendships have slipped by, our leisure or hobbies have disappeared, our partners or family are annoyed with us, and we are not having as much fun as we would like to. There are also particular stages of life, like parenthood, a new job, doing new studies, a promotion to management, taking care of older parents – that really require a lot of us. During these demanding life stages it is very easy to be overwhelmed from a time management perspective. It doesn’t have to be that way. Our web app is designed to help users hold themselves accountable and turn good ideas about how they would like to spend their time into lifelong habits through smart time management strategies,” explains founder of TimeRichMe,  Dr. Ana-Maria Olteteanu. 

“True change only happens when you stick with it. TimeRichMe helps you stick with your newly learned time management skills, so you can make real progress in your daily routine and realize all those long-term goals that you’ve been putting off or pushing to the back burner.”

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Maybe you want to spend more time with friends or family, feel more productive at work or less time pressure at home. Maybe you want to revive a hobby or a passion project or take time to cross certain activities off your bucket list. We all have different goals. Whatever your goals, TimeRichMe recommends where you can make improvements based on your learning profile, your current work and life situation, and desired outcome.

The TimeRichMe site suggests missions based on how a user is currently spending their time. The user chooses which missions to take on. Enrolling in a mission turns it into a challenge.

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Every challenge gives you the opportunity to practice a time management skill and turn it into a solid habit that helps you create more time now and compounds your time gains in the future. We track every step of your personal development journey. As you progress, TimeRichMe keeps you accountable, turning each time management strategy and insight into real measurable change in your life. 

“We see a shift in people’s orientation, from a success and money focus to a quality of life focus. If you wish to improve your time management skills and take charge of your work-life balance, TimeRichMe is the easiest way to become time rich. As Warren Buffet is often quoted as saying, ‘the rich invest in time, the poor invest in money’,” concludes Dr. Ana-Maria Olteteanu.

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Founded by Dr. Ana-Maria Olteteanu in 2021, TimeRichMe is a gamified website that helps people develop better time habits so that they feel time richer every day.

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