Benefits of Zero Gravity Massage Chair 2022 that People Are Not Aware Of

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Benefits of Zero Gravity Massage Chair 2022 that People Are Not Aware Of

January 11
16:39 2022

Zero gravity sounds like just another buzzword that is thrown around sales to sound special, but in the market for the top-rated massage chairs, it defines a very important feature that is scientifically proven to be beneficial to the overall quality of the massage. With zero gravity technology, people can experience weightless comfort that reduces stress on areas of the body like the shoulders, lumbar, and glutes that often carry their weight when sitting down or laying flat. It is such a sought-after feature that most top-selling massage chairs have it. The Modern Back, Florida’s top retailer of full-body massage chairs, listed three health and wellness benefits of zero gravity massage chairs that most people are unaware of alongside a few tips before buying massage chairs that can be applied when shopping.

1. They help fix poor posture

Poor body posture is the result of years of putting one’s back in unnatural and uncomfortable positions. In most cases, it causes chronic back pain and muscle tension along the lower back up to the shoulder blades. If the habit is left unchanged, it might cause long-lasting health issues that could permanently alter the natural curvature of the body’s skeletal system. This is a condition one can get regardless if their line of work requires them to sit down in front of a computer for hours on end, or if they are working construction and other hard labor. As long as the back is constantly being put under too much pressure for too long, it could result in the spine becoming slightly deformed over time.

How do zero gravity massage chairs help?

Zero gravity massage chair not only provides massage therapy that aids in releasing tension across the body, but it also supports it in such a position that it encourages the body to naturally assume a proper position long after the session. The contours of the massage recliner chair allow the back to find the correct position, similar to how molds work, and help it stay that way by removing pressure from the areas that would otherwise prevent it from doing so on reflex. Look for a back massage chair like the Daiwa Supreme Hybrid massage chair that has extensive spine and lower back support with its flexible massage tracks.

2. They Improve the Quality of Sleep

Lack of sleep or interrupted sleep cycles seem commonplace now in today’s work culture, but it doesn’t have to be. Some people seem to think that just closing one’s eyes and laying down is as good as sleep, but that is a dangerous misconception. True sleep involves multiple stages of non-REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep before easing into REM, which is when the body starts repairing injuries and strengthening neurological connections in the brain. This state is what defines sleep, and why it is responsible for much of the body’s development.

How do zero gravity massage chairs help?

Massage chairs can also aid people who suffer from lack of sleep or broken sleep schedules by putting the body in a fully-relaxed state and thereby helping the body get into the stages of sleep faster and more comfortably. This means that the risk of muscle pain upon waking up is greatly reduced, allowing for a truly refreshed feeling after a good rest. The Osaki Maestro LE is a good representative of Osaki massage chairs that provide space-saving zero gravity recline allowing them to fit in a medium-sized bedroom without taking up too much space. This makes it easier for people to get from their massage chairs to their beds without losing drowsiness.

3. They Reduce Mental Stress

Stress is often caused by a combination of physical and emotional pressure that has caused the body to react defensively by altering the behavioural and mental state of the person. Agitation, uneasiness, and general discomfort are common symptoms that a person goes through during stressful experiences. Almost every person has suffered from stress at some point in their lives, but the intensity of the symptoms varies. Problems just show up from time to time, and it’s something everybody has to deal with. However, stress can lead to other forms of mental illnesses if left unchecked, so it is important for people to take care of themselves mentally too to avoid these cases.

How do zero gravity massage chairs help?

Similar to how mental stress is a product of a person’s physical and mental well-being, so is the treatment for it. Having a moment to relax and soothe aching muscles in zero gravity using the best massage chairs does wonders to improve the mental state of a person. It’s not a sufficient treatment alone, but it makes for an excellent supplement. The Amamedic Hilux 4D massage chair is among many massage chairs that offer 4D massage that has a much wider, deeper, and more precise massage treatment that makes the body release hormones called endorphins that helps the body and mind relax even further.


How effective massage chairs are is subjective to whoever is using it, and what it is being used for. But the general consensus is that they offer a wide range of physical and mental health benefits that anybody could enjoy. Having a massage chair with zero gravity recline maximizes these benefits, while also offering a few of its own that only it can provide. It is a long-term investment that has immediate returns.

As for where to buy massage chairs, The Modern Back has a collection of massage chairs in Boca Raton for sale in their online stores and live showrooms. Choose from big and tall massage chairs for deep-reaching massages to Japanese massage chairs fitted with the latest innovations in the industry. They are the best place to find the best massage chairs of 2022.

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