Successful entrepreneur and founder of GBCORP – Gaurav Bhatia, a diverse business group, talks about the future of hydrogen and its potentials as an alternative fuel as EV and sustainable energy

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Successful entrepreneur and founder of GBCORP – Gaurav Bhatia, a diverse business group, talks about the future of hydrogen and its potentials as an alternative fuel as EV and sustainable energy

January 10
11:54 2022

The team at GBCORP, led by the passionate Gaurav Bhatia, might just be making another groundbreaking discovery following the businessman’s declaration of hydrogen as an alternative fuel same as EV and sustainable energy. GBCORP has experienced tremendous growth since it was initially launched in 1998, transcending their goal of providing top-notch IT services to enter other industries. In a related development, the company recently ventured into the field of sustainable energy, following the founder’s assertion that hydrogen could be the next big alternative to fuel.


Overview Of The Global Renewable Energy Market

There has been a steady increase in the demand for sustainable energy solutions, as the world looks for more ways of saving the planet, especially with the arguments against global warming, its effects, and other related issues. A recent report published by Allied Market Research put the value of the global renewable energy market at $881.7billion in 2020. Experts have also projected the market size to reach $1,977.6 billion by 2030, driven by the increasing demand for clean energy. The figures show the potentials of the market, as more brands and solutions providers emerge to derive energy from natural sources that do not particularly diminish.

Solar, wind, bioenergy, and ocean power remain some of the very popular sources of renewable energy. However, there have been talks about hydrogen and its effectiveness as an alternative source of energy in recent times, with Gaurav Bhatia’s position on the subject further highlighting its potentials and possibility of helping to bridge the sustainable energy needs.

History Of GBCORP

GBCORP was established as an IT firm in the year of 1998, taking on projects under the name of the founder, Gaurav Bhatia. The company gradually grew to become registered and subsequently adopted the name – GBCORP. GBCORP continued to expand its portfolio, entering into the imports and exports business before transforming into a well-established firm, expanding its network with other companies, building on the amazing feats and recognition achieved across the globe.

GBCORP have continuously diversified into more industries without compromising quality and dedication to customer satisfaction. The company has been able to meet all the necessary legal and documentation requirements in different countries, weathering the storm to stand the test of time amidst uncertainties and economic downturns.

Introduction Of A New EV Production Line

Electric vehicles have been described as the future of transportation and the emergence of several solutions from different parts across the globe have substantiated this claim. The emergence of a plethora of brands to provide the best possible experience to drivers have also ensured an increasing demand from the market. According to the Global EV Outlook 2021, global electric car stock reached 10 million units, a 41% increase from the figures achieved in 2019. The market share of electric vehicles has skyrocketed in recent times, with a Statista report revealing that 25% of new cars sold by 2030 will be battery-powered. Experts have also stated that the figure will rise to more than 80% by 2050 and almost 70% the global car parc.

Despite the amazing figures put out by different quarters, more needs to be done to meet the growing and diverse needs of consumers. Consequently, Gaurav Bhatia has put a team together that has been working over the years on introducing a new EV production line. The project has taken years of planning, with the goal of creating a sustainable future, starting from creating an all-inclusive electric vehicle production line.

Considering current situation GBCORP believes Electric vehicles are the future, and every year we notice the majority of brands add more EVs to their lineup and so we too. Everyone is working on electric vehicles, from well-established existing manufacturers to new names.”

Hydrogen As An Alternative Fuel

Hydrogen has already been described by some experts as “the alternative to the EV future” due to its perceived features and benefits. Hydrogen remains an important fuel for a secure and clean energy future and has been tipped as a replacement for all current fossil fuels. The versatility of hydrogen makes it usable as a fuel for vehicles, heating homes and offices, producing electricity, and even fueling ships as well as aircraft.

The use of hydrogen has been around for decades, with NASA using liquid hydrogen to fuel the space program since the 1970s. In addition to fueling cells power the space shuttle, hydrogen also produces water as a byproduct, with the shuttle crew drinking the water.

Benefits Of Hydrogen Energy

One of the major advantages of hydrogen as a renewable energy source is its abundance. Consequently, while other sources are limited and often require a lot of resources, hydrogen is infinite as a source of energy. Hydrogen can also be produced locally with relative ease either onsite or centrally and subsequently distributed. It can be produced from methane, gasoline, biomass, coal or water. However, factors such as pollution, technical challenges, and energy requirements are dependent on the source.

Other benefits of the clean energy and non-toxic source are significant pollution reduction, better efficiency compared to other energy sources, and a sustainable production system. The versatility of hydrogen as an energy source also stands it out, as it can be used to efficiently power engines as high as spaceships.

Strategies To Implementing Hydrogen In GBCORP

GBCORP has put in place several resources to ensure the implementation of the hydrogen energy campaign. The company has already set up a research unit dedicated to creating an engine that can be powered directly using hydrogen and be used as a replacement for the combustion engine. The unit boasts of a team of highly experienced and well-trained professionals leveraging their wealth of knowledge in the energy industry to chart a new course by exploiting the potentials of hydrogen as a source of energy. GBCORP has also expressed their readiness to take up new opportunities in the industry with the goal of creating cleaner and safer energy sources.

Hydrogen And Electric Vehicle

One can hardly deny the increasing popularity of electric vehicles in different parts of the world. While EVs are amazing in terms of their eco-friendliness, their sustainability has come under scrutiny in recent times. Consequently, it has become imperative to replace electric vehicles or make a hybrid system using hydrogen in the near future, at the least. This will undoubtedly help to save the planet and further make the goal of reducing pollution achievable as soon as possible.

Plans are also underway to source hydrogen and make it easily accessible to as many people as possible, irrespective of their location in different parts of the world. One of such ways is the development of hydrogen-powered vehicles by the GBCORP team. Other green projects from the company are Green Energy Farms and e city projects for commercial and residential customers.


Other Businesses by GBCORP

GBCORP is not resting on their oars of challenging the status quo across different industries by practically setting the pace for others to follow as the company has created GBC first business crypto for businesses as well as individuals. The goal is to make it easy for users to trade all products across GBCORP network, including the new solar/wind farm projects under GBCORP umbrella.  

The GBCORP umbrella also covers the fields including services such as web design and IT services, Buy-sell business across the globe, branding and advertising, business setup, social media marketing, business advisory, and import-export. Other categories of solutions from the company are legal support, such as business name change services, bookkeeping services, taxation and accounting, vat, document legalization, good standing certificate, trademark registration, financial services, as well as business lounge, including worldwide access, registered address, business space, virtual offices, co-working space, meeting rooms, and dedicated reception.

The company continues to expand their reach across the globe, with a presence in the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Turkey, Singapore, Dubai, India, and Indonesia.

For more information about the hydrogen project and other groundbreaking solutions from GBCORP, visit – GBCORP can also be found across several social media platforms, including FacebookInstagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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