Diane Shawe award winning Hair Extensions and Hair Loss Specialist Salon launches Franchise Business Opportunity

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Diane Shawe award winning Hair Extensions and Hair Loss Specialist Salon launches Franchise Business Opportunity

July 19
20:02 2021
Diane Shawe award winning Hair Extensions and Hair Loss Specialist Salon launches Franchise Business Opportunity

Need a Hair Makeover (NAHM Specialist Salons Franchise Limited), a company owned by Ms Diane Shawe, is offering a franchise opportunity to anyone, including start-ups wanting to enter a more Specialist sector in the hair care and salon business.

Under its franchise package, NAHM Specialist Salons Franchise Limited will prepare you to establish your own salon from scratch, imparting training, helping you raise funds, planning and promoting the business. One does not need to be a professional hairdresser to open the franchise outlet.

Explaining this franchise opportunity, Ms Shawe said Need a Hair Makeover Specialist Salons is a popular brand and has already established itself in the area of hairdressing by receiving such awards like the Winner 2020 for ‘Best Salon for Hair Extensions’ and ‘Creative Image of the Year’. They have worked with model agencies, photographers, TV and highly visible influencer who required Hair Makeovers.

Launched four years ago, Need a Hair Makeover Specialist Salons has carved out its enviable place in the hairdressing arena. It is continuously helping people by advising, treating or disguising their hair challenges, including thin hair, damaged hair, hereditary or bald patches caused by chemicals, alopecia, or medical treatment.

“The expertise and experience of NAHM Specialist Salons make it a highly desirable franchise for those who plan to enter into the specialist salon business. The ‘Need a Hair Makeover’ brand bible is designed to appeal to those clients who just need instant gratification and this in return will embed each franchise into there local region” states Diane

Ms Shawe, a celebrity hair extension Specialist known for hair makeover, launched  Need a Hair Makeover (NAHM) Specialist Salons services to address hair-related challenges that are not often attended to by traditional hairdressers.

Known for authoring two bestselling books titled ‘Getting Started in the Hair Extensions Business’ and ‘How Hair Extensions are Sourced, Treated, and Graded’, Ms Shawe launched her first hair extensions salon in 2002 and expanded into training in 2005 where she imparted accredited hair extensions training to others.

Her success in this field can be gauged from the fact that she has, so far trained just under 4,000 students from all over the world in over 18 Hair extensions techniques. Her Hair Extensions Training academy is known globally for its accredited hair extensions and wig making courses. 

The footprints of Ms Shawe can be followed from the fact that she most successfully launched the first UK Hair Extensions Competition in which several VIPs and celebrities participated to doing a surprise hair makeover on the Jeremy Kyle show for a young girl that was being bullied at school because she had severe alopecia.

Diane believes that this time is right for potential franchisees to make that investment in a Specialist Salons service as the demand for treating hair loss is rising and the growing demand for high end human hair extensions and ultra high quality heat resistant synthetic hair and wigs across European Regions has created new opportunities for retailers, hair consultants across all cultures.

The projected growth is also backed up by The Global Hair Extensions and Wigs Market forecast for 2019-2023 reported by Research and Markets.com estimating revenues of more than $10 Billion by 2023, growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of approximately 9% since 2017 to the current year.

Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and a Master’s in Education, Ms Shawe is passionate about expanding the brand and deliver the highest quality, consistent services with the most innovative hair extensions techniques, hair loss treatments and disguises, hair care products and aftercare services to our clients in a professional, convenient, compatible, affordable, enjoyable and relaxing environment in our stylish salons.

Her franchise offer comes at a time when the demand for specialised salons with the ability to solve hair-related problems is growing across the world a Huge gap that can be filled by NAHM Specialist Salons franchises with impressive returns on investment.

After taking a look at this sector and the potential to grow, the companies motto ‘There’s more to adding hair’ really does start to sink in.

Find us on: https://needahairmakeoverfranchise.co.uk/

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