From deep in the heart of Texas, a Little Spark brings nightmares of vice (A mad trip though the darkness of the male ego)

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From deep in the heart of Texas, a Little Spark brings nightmares of vice (A mad trip though the darkness of the male ego)

July 08
04:24 2021

Arlington, Texas – Little Spark Films is proud to announce the production of Vicemares, a dark comedy / thriller starring Nathan Gershon, Kristin Keith, Larissa Dali & Cory W. Ahre and directed by Joe Manco.

Vicemares is the story about sleazy, drug-addled lawyer, Sinclair Niedenthal played by Nathan Gershon; a man who is on the run from his impending divorce. Sinclair revisits an old vacation spot he and his late father would frequent in his youth. Only this time he brings along a hefty bag of “party favors” to help with the escape. After an intense physical altercation with the pizza delivery guy, Darby (who is played by the movies screenwriter Cory W. Ahre), Sinclair’s tailspin of an escape escalates into a drug-fueled battle of wills for survival.

“The story explores the nature of really bad people. Where is the line between a person and a monster?” – Cory W. Ahre.

Nathan Gershon stars in this movie, as a follow-up to his work on Richard Linklater’s latest, Apollo 10½. “We’re a tiny little movie, trying to do something much bigger than us,” writer, Cory W. Ahre explains. He hopes the film offers people the opportunity to “empathize with a character they might ordinarily look past.” Work on “Vicemares,” which Nathan compares to Stephen King’s “Misery” meets “Fear and Loathing” and “American Psycho,” continues in production.

About Production Company

Little Spark Films is an independent film collective from the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex of north Texas. The team has grown over the years blazing a trail of short films, music videos and commercial ventures. They have been the heart of a many productions in Texas and most did not even know it. Vicemares will be the team’s very first feature film to be housed under their own name. 

Vicemares was shot on location in the Sulfur Springs, Tarrant & La Verna areas of Texas. The movie is currently in post-production and is expected to begin screening at film festivals in 2022.

Joe Manco – Directors Reel on Youtube:

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