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February 16
07:21 2021 Discusses the Physical Therapy Jobs Near Me

Gone are the days when physician and nursing care treated patients throughout their continuum of care. Physical therapy visits have now taken over the rehabilitative portion of patients aftercare. Because of this modern-day rehabilitation, the demand for qualified physical therapists is at an all-time high. This demand allows the therapist a variety of different avenues for career choices. Physical therapists can choose to be employed by one health care facility, self contract to multiple facilities or companies, or choose employment with a therapy company that contracts with health care facilities & agencies. Below we will delve into each choice more deeply. Here’s How Much Money Physical Therapist Assistants Make In Every State.

An employee of a health care facility

Many people will agree that having one employer and a set schedule is ideal for their lives and that would be correct for many people. According to, benefits are available, the responsibility of paying payroll taxes falls on the company, the schedule is the same every day with set days off, and the list can go on to the benefits but what about the downfalls? Benefits can sometimes be very expensive depending on the company and the employee’s family size.  The exact same schedule and set days off can become tiresome and as a person’s lifestyle changes may no longer work like they once did. As a therapist being employed by one company, for instance, which comes to the patient’s home, because Luna cares.

Self Contract to Multiple Facilities or Companies

For some, self contracting is the better choice. It allows freedom to work when needed and take off when needed. It eliminates much of the stress that can come from co-workers and supervisors on a day to day basis. It allows a more diverse type of work that can be ever-changing if the person so chooses. This fits well with people who like the excitement of the change every day or people who have active children and this type of schedule allows them more freedom to participate in their child’s activities.  There are others that this type of employment will not be conducive to their lives at all. Having to worry about payroll taxes is a huge determent to a lot of people. The ever-changing work can also lead to lulls in employment which can also lead the potential self-employed therapists to seek a more stable work environment.

Therapy Companies

A therapy company that contracts with health care facilities can be the best of both worlds. It allows the therapist the comfort of steady work with the flexibility of being able to pick and choose clients and shifts. Most therapy companies consider their therapist’s employees versus contractors so this means that the company is responsible for paying the payroll taxes and often times offer some benefits. Therapists can have the oversight that some desire without having to clock in and out of the same place day in and day out. For many this is the perfect option, additional info can be accessed here.

Each therapist has to evaluate what is the best option for him or her to determine what fits the best. Luckily for them, there is a high demand for their skills and each should be able to pick what job they will excel at and have a fulfilling lifelong career.

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