Latent Influence Helping Content Creators Grow YouTube Channels in 2021

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Latent Influence Helping Content Creators Grow YouTube Channels in 2021

January 13
19:39 2021
Specialized consulting helps clients grow six figure incomes.

Statistics show that advertising revenues on YouTube are set to increase to $5.21 billion in 2021 alone, with a further increase to $6 billion in 2022. With these statistics in mind, many people are jumping into YouTube content creation with big dreams but with little or no idea of how to grow their channel into a money making machine. According to Beor Ong, founder of Latent Influence, a little coaching can be the difference between success and failure when it comes to becoming a YouTuber.

There are a number of reasons why a new or inexperienced YouTube content creator might fail. For instance, the lack of technical knowledge in video production can lead to the creation of lackluster content that no one wants to watch. On the other hand, they might not have, or even know a marketing or content release strategy which is needed if they want to be successful on YouTube. In addition, most creators end up underestimating the time and effort required to actually build quality content and build an audience, which leads to many creators quitting due to unrealistic expectations.

The wrong content won’t build an audience, but with a little help, Ong and his company are helping clients generate real income with their YouTube channels.

“Going viral and building an audience is actually pretty simple if you know what you’re looking for and set up the right strategies.” says Ong “Just look at channels like Mr. Beast, Peter Mckinnon, or Living Bobby. They all follow a specific formula.”

At Latent Influence, content creators can take advantage of YouTube coaching designed to quickly take channels to the next level. “Whether you’re a complete newbie or an established channel owner, my targeted coaching sessions can help you grow to the next stage in your career,” said Ong.

Ong, a Monash University graduate with a Major in Multimedia, has spent years working with YouTubers to understand the replicable formulas for success. He has analyzed everything from virality to content creation and everything in between; he knows what works and what doesn’t.

Through Latent Influence’s YouTube coaching packages, Ong offers clients simple and effective strategies for going viral and monetization methods for a six figure income while offering assistance in areas such as writing engaging scripts, idea generation that will capture audience attention, filming and editing techniques, SEO optimization, tricks for increasing subscribers, promotion strategies, and much more.

Clients can choose from three packages that include anywhere from one to ten sessions backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. These packages are tailored to provide solutions based on clients’ various needs.

While many YouTubers have to learn by trial and error, Latent Influence is thrilled to help savvy content creators get ahead on the leading video platform. More information can be found at

About Latent Influence

Latent Influence founder, Beor Ong, is a YouTube Content and Growth consultant aiming to provide bespoke solutions for aspiring content creators to build a six figure career on the global market.

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