Top 7 Tax Saving Strategies that most CPAs don’t even know

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Top 7 Tax Saving Strategies that most CPAs don’t even know

November 21
17:09 2020
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Orange County, CA, USA – It has been known that 92% of CPA’s admitted that they are not equipped or have time to manage most of the Advanced Tax Strategies, which can help people to save more money for themselves and their family. As a result, they are losing 72% of their business clients, because they cannot keep up with the growth and needs of their clients.

Nadine Lajoie has a Bachelor’s in Actuarial Sciences and is a CPA team-based model consultant, international speaker, coach, real estate investor and #1 best-selling author. She has worked in the finance industry for 31 successful years and is always seeking out legal strategies that may benefit new clients, businesses and employees. She loves to educate and coach others about the power of tax saving strategies and safe money growth, so people can retain their wealth, instead of giving too much to the Government.

According to her strategy, there is a four-step process involved in increasing the desired results. These include assessment, avoiding taxes, reducing expenses as well as mitigating risks. Her team of experts, with extensive experience and knowledge, will guide high net worth clients (and the financially less fortunate), through 45 different strategies.

Nadine’s reputation precedes her as she was featured in popular magazines along with Oprah Winfrey and Zig Ziglar, and also shared many stages including the popular TEDx and California women’s conference, with top speakers like Tom Hopkins, Les Brown, John Gray, and Mark Victor Hansen. 

Here are 4 examples of the Top Seven Strategies:

1 – Clients can delay or avoid capital gains, helping them to keep more money in their pocket instead of paying 20 – 40% in taxes. They can use the extra cash-flow to take more vacations, retire earlier, reinvest in new equipment, grow their business or hire more employees. 

2 – The safe money growth strategy can protect the client’s retirement, investment accounts, assets and legacy, against the stock market, inflation, sequence of return risk and longevity risk. Many people are currently avoiding negative returns from the next crash and “bear market,” while still participating in the upside of a “bull market” and profiting from good returns. As a result, they will increase their retirement income and their wealth transfer between generations by 20% to 53%, ensuring the comfort of future generations to come. Clients can save a lot of fees, anxiety and stress related to money issues.

3 – Even if clients sold their properties a few months ago, there are still ways to save taxes if they act upon it before December 31st, 2020. They can even go back 6 months in certain situations, if the client is able to commit in the new investment for the next 4 to 10 years. 

4 – Reducing expenses and saving taxes on commercial buildings is equally important. Most manufacturers, warehouses, and professionals, like doctors, dentists and chiropractors, have significant expenses and overheads every month and this makes it hard to stay in business during tough times such as now in 2020. As an example, a $12M building can save up to $600k in taxes, year after year. Some businesses might even qualify to save an extra 20-28%, by negotiating and reducing recurring expenses.

All these strategies are obviously in compliance with the IRS tax code, either to accumulate money or to withdraw it, when done properly with a team of professionals for clients who can qualify. Unfortunately, even for the most popular top seven strategies, many people can qualify, but they are unaware of them.

Please visit to access the free tax report and discover which strategies could apply. Nadine is also available for training events and media interviews, to educate people about how to legally save money, reduce expenses and mitigate risks.

Featured in Forbes, USA Today, ABC, FOX, CBS Money Watch, Nadine Lajoie spoke on many stages around the world (including TEDx and California Women’s Conference) amongst top speakers like Tom Hopkins, Les Brown, Mark Victor Hensen and Stedman Graham. She is brings 31 years of experience in the Finance Industry, with a Bachelor in Actuarial Sciences, and is now a CPA Team Based Model Consultant, International Speaker & Mentor, Real Estate Investor and #1 Best-Selling Author.

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