Chu Minh Printing Factory – Vietnam best printing labels & product packaging manufacturer in HCMC

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Chu Minh Printing Factory – Vietnam best printing labels & product packaging manufacturer in HCMC

October 24
13:40 2020
Chu Minh Printing Factory - Vietnam best printing labels & product packaging manufacturer in HCMC

Chu Minh Printing Factory started operations in the printing industry in Ho Chi Minh 17 years ago. The team is specialized in printing, with practical experience and enthusiasm, Chu Minh Printing Factory specializes in providing customers with high-quality printing products at reasonable prices and fast.
Chu Minh specializes in manufacturing, designing, and exporting all kinds of labels and paper packaging including carton boxes, gift boxes, paper bags, point of sale, and custom printing products.

During 17 years of operation, Chu Minh Printing Factory always takes customers’ trust as the driving force to strive for development. They have been constantly trying to innovate and improve product quality because they understand that product quality is the prerequisite for Chu Minh to build trust in customers.

Chu Minh Printing Factory is equipped with a full range of machinery and equipment, from digital printers, offset printing machines, offset rolls to the most modern finished products, … along with a professional working process to respond maximum response to the printing needs of customers.

Outstanding services of Chu Minh Printing Factory focus on serving customers:

• Outsourcing printing packages, paper bags, paper boxes (làm hộp giấy, in bao bì túi giấy)
Printing labels, decal sticker, tag hanging
• Advertising printing: flyers, leaflets, lucky money, envelope, notepaper, name card business card, voucher, profile, catalog, menu, plastic card, notebook, file clip, invoice.
Printing bottles, jars, cups – plastic, glass, porcelain, crystal.
• Silver-covered scratch cards: promotions, prizes, anti-counterfeiting (integrated barcode, QR code).

Content printed on decal stamps is not too fussy and detailed

Especially Chu Minh printing factory is very strong in all kinds of labels:

• Hologram 7 color stamp – warranty stamp.
• Anti-counterfeiting stamps, goods seals, reflective stamps.
• Energy stamps are stuck on electronics and electronics.
• Sticker decal on materials – food with premium requirements: fireproof – heat resistant (hot/cold), waterproof, scratch-resistant, anti-fading, paste on special surfaces.
• Clothes hang tags, gift labels.
• Roll label stamps (Chu Minh is very strong in this part).
• Metal decal stamp materials: silver, copper, aluminum, tin, gold emulsion, stainless steel, nickel/chromium plating.
• Water label stamps.
• Partially degummed label stamps.

Some advantages of services and products of Chu Minh Printing Factory:

• Original quotation at Chu Minh factory without intermediaries.

• If you do not have a design, Chu Minh has professional design support upon request.

• Having a full set of materials (paper, ink, accessories, machinery), optional according to your cost and quality requirements.

• Commitment to quality indexes: clarity/blurring details, time to fade, adsorption adhesion, heat absorption/water permeability, chemical indexes in printing ink.

• Machines and workers can work 24/7 continuously during the holiday season.

Delivery at home and abroad:

• With difficult processing requirements (shape, corner, drill holes, attach accessories and die to special sizes), for your peace of mind, Chu Minh will model first, when satisfied, then make the quantity. big.

• By 2020, Chu Minh workshop will research more than 13 kinds of top-class high-end paper in the world to meet the needs of luxury and high-end printing: Conqueror, Olin Rough, Village, Curious, Rives, Opale, Polyart, Stratakolour, Satimat, Wove, Seda Plano, Perla Blanco, Buckram (these types are high priced, only accept for large orders with strict requirements on quality).

Advice from Chu Minh to customers in need of printing:

• It is necessary to come to the establishment to see the actual sample, not only should receive a quotation by phone to avoid loss of money (the product is not made as required).

• Should go to see the actual machinery that the workshop is using to limit the time risk for large volume contracts.

• It is necessary to have an understanding of 12 popular printing paper materials to avoid waste and correct quality: Couche, Offset, Ivory, Kraft, Corrugated sand, Cold cardboard, Fort (or ford), Bristol, Duplex, Crystal, Glossy, Inkjet.


Hotline: +84911111755

Factory address: 239 – 241 Hoa Binh, Hiep Tan Ward, Tan Phu District, HCMC.

Workshop area (> 1000 m2) without any intermediary services, so the best price is guaranteed.


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