The True Secret of Life is finally revealed: One’s perceptions of life can be wrong, and here’s why they are nonsensical

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The True Secret of Life is finally revealed: One’s perceptions of life can be wrong, and here’s why they are nonsensical

August 26
14:32 2020
When it comes to living to one’s utmost potential, almost everything that we have been taught, instructed, and told throughout our life is nothing less than the glaring limited teachings of humankind. It is the life conditioning that needs reprogramming, says Ramzi Najjar.
Now available online, Ramzi Najjar’s new book invites the readers to rethink, reevaluate, and re-shape beliefs, age-old concepts, and the ways we always perceived life to be.

The You beyond you, published by Ramzi Najjar, 978-0578726274, is now available online. From the creative mind of one of the most successful managers, The You beyond you presents the readers with a research-based, intriguingly unique, and inspiring narrative on untold life secrets and approaches to living a more fulfilling life.

“The book is more of a wisdom-gate for people to improve their lives, and considering the response right now, we are looking forward to signing copies for people from all walks of life.” Ramzi Najjar said. We all want a better life, but only a few can notice the limitations in their lives and even fewer attempt to work on correcting them. Whether it is a career or personal life, decade after decade, we find mankind entrapped in the concepts and theories told centuries ago. The reasoning here is simple — we have been conditioned to live such a life. In The You beyond you, Ramzi will take you on the exploration of what really means to be your true self, to break free from the mind-shackles, and to live to your fullest potential.

With decades of experience and expertise in the managerial field and training multitudes of people, Ramzi Najjar brings you the five-way approach to purify your mind and body from the pollutants, deteriorating the physical wellbeing, spirituality, and serenity. Imparting the real-life lessons on how to minimize the life-sabotaging toxins and beliefs to start testing the real mechanics of our existence, Ramzi’s novel addresses the following:

  1. Polluting habits: We often find ourselves indulging in habits and consumption of things that relinquish the recovery mechanism leading to negative and lasting impacts.
  2. Damage-rendering thoughts: Our mental state is the result of years of accumulation of thoughts, concepts, and desires that hold little value to our lives, it is time to inscribe and understand the real nature and mechanics of life to survive the world of tomorrow.
  3. Peace in ruins: The toxins in many forms of poor food consumption and afflicting concepts require absolute dismantling and rebirth of positivity-enriched approaches to life based on the true nature of existence.
  4. An environment of self-betterment: Comprehensibility of what we should let ourselves be subjected to and what we should not, is what creates a level of self-awareness, giving an empowering dimension to our life to adequately operate within our reality and understand the dynamics of the laws of the Universe.
  5. Demolish the constructs and start gathering the right memory: Even the slightest of change is the beginning of life-changing transformation, leading us out of the labyrinth ‘life conditioning’ and into the new prospects of life with unlimited potentials.

About the Author:

Ramzi Najjar is the owner, partner and founder of multiple projects operating in Kuwait and Lebanon, specializing in insurance and reinsurance. A university graduate in Arts and Political Sciences, he is the bestselling author of The You Beyond you. His work is the chronicles of lessons and experiences acquired throughout his professional and personal life.

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