From Wedding Photographer To Viral TikTok Sensation

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From Wedding Photographer To Viral TikTok Sensation

August 13
19:42 2020

“As they say age is only a number. Don’t let your age hold you back from chasing after your dreams. They just might come true.” – Duke Depp

Duke Depp is a trending day to day example of how age is really just a number. The now 19-year-old Tiktok creator, started out as a wedding photographer at the age of 15. He indeed had to be dropped off at his first wedding venue. From there, his photography business really took off and thanks to his social media account on Instagram, @dukemoose helped him go viral. It wasn’t long before clients were requesting him to travel all over the world to take photos for them. However, it got challenging for the 15-year-old, full time student to book jobs for already set arrangements halfway across the state, never mind around the world. Given the opportunity, Duke graduated two years early and became a full-time photographer where he had lots of time to travel. Duke made his dream possible. 

Four years later, at 19 years old his photography business is still booming. However, he recently stumbled upon another full-time job during the 2020 pandemic as a content creator on Tiktok. Duke isn’t just your average TikTok star recording videos of the latest trends that eventually worp into new trends. Instead, he took one of his favorite characters from a childhood movie, playing the part of Willy Wonka and bringing him into the year 2020 by actually performing the trends. It’s almost like the behind the scenes of the Willy Wonka we all know and love.

Duke’s work ethic from a very early age plays a huge part in helping him manage two full time jobs that require intense communication with his fans and customers. His workaholic attributes play even better with the constant fan communication and content creation. The creativity he adds to the classic chocolatier icon through social media is impressive.

“Social media can open the doors to so many opportunities, I am so glad I get to be a part of it,” Duke told us in an exclusive interview.

With Dukes strong passion for photography, he does not see himself giving it up in the near future. In fact, he plans on eventually incorporating his photographer role into his content creating through his social media platforms. The industry is meant to collaborate and connect with many types of passions, and Duke sees the ability to intertwine both of his. 

This article was originally posted on Business Blurb.

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