Mediation Is the Secret to a Simple and Cost-Effective Divorce

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Mediation Is the Secret to a Simple and Cost-Effective Divorce

June 17
12:20 2020

Anger and disappointments are common feelings in most divorce negotiation processes. In most cases, the involved parties have a hard time reaching agreement on divorce issues such as child custody, division of property, child support, and visitation issues among others. However, mediation often provides the divorcing spouses an opportunity to take control of their future lives by resolving the contentious issues without the necessity of litigation.

Divorce Mediation Centers of America, headed by Sharon Easley, have successfully mediated hundreds of cases in Plano, TX. Their experience and compassion have helped many spouses in Plano reach satisfactory legal agreements without undergoing the pain of long, drawn-out litigation processes. Sharon and her team, therefore, know one or two about the power of mediation in a divorce process.

“Mediation is the secret to a simple and cost-effective divorce,” says a Spokesperson from Divorce Mediation Centers of America. “Mediation provides a gentler, more productive option for navigating the complicated legal waters of divorce and often proves to be less stressful, less costly and easier on the parties involved. Mediation is also important in reaching business and civil agreements as it allows an impartial third party to mediate and keep the divorcing spouses focused on solutions”.

Less Stress For parties involved

Divorce processes come with a lot of stress. However, mediation can help ease the stress by ensuring that details are handled professionally. When a mediation route is chosen, a professional mediator takes over the job of handling all the details of the case. A mediator will take care of all aspects of the divorce case, including details that spouses never considered. Unlike litigated divorce, mediated divorce processes are often impartial. The mediator works with all the parties involved until they come to a peaceful resolution. The courts also favor mediation processes because it often frees up the court calendar, allowing more time for the hearing of more pressing and urgent family law issues.

Affordable and cost-effective

When going through a divorce process, money is often the last thing people want to add to their list of worries. Choosing to go through a litigated divorce is estimated to cost couples up to $32,000 and that’s if things go well as planned. In most cases, the cases don’t go well and even more money ends up being spent. Thankfully, mediated divorce offers a far more cost-effective alternative as everything can be mediated.

About Divorce Mediation Centers of America

Divorce Mediation Centers of America are family law attorneys and certified mediators in Plano, TX who has been helping spouses reach amicable and cost-effective resolutions to divorce matters for over 20 years. Over the years they have been business, the attorneys have become familiar with the ins and outs of the American family law system. Headed by Sharon Easley, the attorneys are committed to helping spouses in Plano, TX achieve their legal goals without the hassle of suing each other, destroying their relationships, and without the need to hire expensive lawyers. They serve clients throughout Collin County as well as Dallas County and statewide.

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