Artist Majid Habibi Has Been Perfecting His Craft While Bringing His Unique Sound To English Speaking Listeners

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Artist Majid Habibi Has Been Perfecting His Craft While Bringing His Unique Sound To English Speaking Listeners

June 15
23:04 2020

Having been a part of virtually every type of media since the early 2000’s, Majid Habibi has long been a voice in the entertainment industry. From his work on a ton of movies, television and even video games, he is now working to create his own voice in the music industry. Since 2004 he has been working tirelessly to pivot into recording his own tracks, which resulted in the uplifting, up tempo tracks titled “Be Honest”, “4 Min and 4 Seconds More”, and “Reviews of the Fragments”.

Hailing from Sanandaj, Kurdistan Province and billed from Tehran, Iran, Majid Habibi is known for voice acting in a variety of films, animations, and documentaries. Since he was young, he has shown interest in all things entertainment ranging from voice acting in video games, studying martial arts under world-renowned instructors, and doing voice work for translations of major American films into his native language. Recently, he has taken his experience and used his connections in the entertainment world to branch into recording music, something that he has long been passionate about.

Learning to play the guitar and piano as a child, Habibi has also been singing and speaking about cultural challenges in the media. It is with deep thinking that has led Habibi to create poetry and author his book on voice acting. Through these insights, Habibi offers a unique vocal style, complete with the ability to almost make his voice seem otherworldly. His work with fantasy films creates an almost supernatural on which his voice reaches the heavens and instills a sense of calm and understanding in a chaotic world.

A combination of R&B, electronic and conventional hip hop, Habibi gives listeners an interesting backdrop of content and a singing voice that is just as animated as his voice acting. Jaunty guitar and piano accompany complex compositions, and each concept is clearly defined without straying from the overwhelmingly positive message. Recorded in a professional studio, each track features a crisp melodies and shifting vocals that keeps listeners hooked. From the sincere, vocally driven “Be Honest”, the infectious driving rhythm of “4 Min & 4 Seconds More” and thoughtful, lyrically complex “Reviews of the Fragments”, it is clear that this pivot into professional recording is the next logical step for the talented Habibi.

Each of these tracks, released on May 30, 2020. uses cutting edge recording and voiceover techniques to create a sound unlike anything heard in mainstream music. Even with English as his second language, Habibi touches on topics and lyrical content that transcends language. The culmination of an artist that has ventured into virtually every realm of entertainment, his veteran prowess provides a unique experience able to strongly resonate with his audience. To learn more about Majid Habibi and his unique journey from voice actor to recording artist, check out his Spotify page as well as his YouTube channel ( Listeners can also learn more about his work as an author and poet on the Majid Habibi Instagram page or his official website (

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