When Involved In Litigation, It Is Important To Choose An Attorney Who Can Be Understanding

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When Involved In Litigation, It Is Important To Choose An Attorney Who Can Be Understanding

June 05
15:20 2020

No individual really wants to face litigation of any sort, whether in a divorce, or other type of civil or criminal proceeding.  It is a rather distressing experience for most individuals and can be filled with emotional upheavals.  A kind, understanding attorney, with a calm demeanor can help immensely during litigation, and William A. Drew of Elliott, Ostrander and Preston, P.C., in Portland, Oregon, understands this very well.  William is part and parcel of a firm that does offer understanding of not just the law, but the emotional aspects of any type of litigation. 

Any type of litigation is really a battle between parties and as with all disagreements, emotional.

Whether the matter is large or small, the shock and emotional impact of having to undergo litigation is felt by all parties.  A great attorney will understand this and seek to alleviate much of the emotional impact by using calming methodologies and showing empathy each step of the way.  William A. Drew is such an attorney.  A graduate of Harvard and a shareholder in the firm of Elliott, Ostrander, and Preston, P. C. since 1998, Attorney Drew is a pragmatic and compassionate advocate for all his clients.  He has experience in all matters of litigation such as shareholder disputes, employment matters, intellectual property disputes, wills and estates, and business contracts.  In addition, family squabbles can be part and parcel of the clientele that Attorney Drew will take on and handle with non-combative methodologies leading to successful outcomes. 

Family matters that end up in a courtroom can involve business or property disputes. 

These can turn combative quickly, as these may very well have gone on for years amongst family members.  Cases that need arbitration, rather than litigation are chiefly family disputes or insurance claims.  Solving these types of cases quickly and effectively saves the combatants both time and money.  It also saves the court system time and money.  Mediation can be suggested as overall, this is the least costly of all alternatives, and with the correct attorney mediation can have remarkable, and quick results.  Mediation can have a case solved much more quickly but an empathetic, knowledgeable attorney is a necessity, or one or both sides will not feel that justice was rightly served, which can lead to further court battles in the future. Appellate practice is also a specialty however, of Attorney Drew, so if litigation needs reviewing he can also provide expert guidance on that. 

According to the American Bar Association (ABA), most court cases, especially civil settle out of court.

The ABA also provides information on how any court case moves through the system.  Individuals, especially in smaller type case disputes can represent themselves, but it is recommended that a good attorney, well versed in the type of law an individual seeks, is shown to provide better overall results in winning cases.  It does assist clients tremendously to consult with an attorney that specializes in the field of law they are involved with before proceeding onto any type of litigation, arbitration, or mediation. 

About Attorney William A. Drew

William A. Drew brings specialized knowledge to the vast offerings of Elliott, Ostrander and Preston, P. C in Portland, Oregon.  He is empathetic and calming.  His specialties include business contracts, wills and estates, employment matters, shareholder disputes, intellectual property rights, and even family disputes.  He has years of expertise in all the above and puts his clients at ease with the whole process of law.  There is a form, an e-mail that Attorney Drew has for direct contact, a website for Elliott, Ostrander and Preston, P. C., and a phone number.  Hours are listed on the site and filling out the form will bring a very rapid response.

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