Sharing the HP index from the key bacteria in the coronavirus epidemic is important to control the mortality

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Sharing the HP index from the key bacteria in the coronavirus epidemic is important to control the mortality

June 03
20:16 2020
The novel coronavirus antibody positive group should be concerned with the main factors affecting life and death: HP Helicobacter pylori antibody positive group is a high-risk group of new coronavirus according to a senior researcher, Wu Dingzhou.

According to the analysis of the spread forms of the epidemic, the patients infected with HP Helicobacter pylori are the main population with symptomatic infection and transmission of the coronavirus, and the patients infected with the coronavirus determine the severity of the symptoms according to the HP Helicobacter pylori index. Coronavirus can also be infected and a small number of AIDS, as well as hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia population.

Reducing the antibody of Helicobacter pylori and Helicobacter pylori is the main scheme to prevent the infection of coronavirus.

Western medicine and Western medicine have limited efficacy in killing and reducing Helicobacter pylori. The shortest time is half a month. Traditional Chinese medicine can turn negative HP HP antibody in 2 to 5 days, which is the key medical skill of China’s epidemic victory.

Especially in many countries, the infection rate of HP is very high, and reducing the infection rate index of HP is closely related to the infection index of influenza and coronavirus. For example, Japan’s HP infection index is about 8% of the best country in the world, and its coronavirus infection rate is much lower than other countries. Guizhou Province, Yunnan Province and Tibet are all areas with low infection rate of Helicobacter pylori. About 5% of them have few people infected with the new type of coronavirus. India is also a populous country, and the epidemic situation is better than that of the United States, because the number of HP HP infected people is relatively low.

“Live bacteria with enzyme microbial Chinese medicine food” elaborated in detail on AIDS patients, the first type of AIDS fully recovered, effective within 5 days, 2 to 5 months, the incubation period of AIDS within 2 months. The second category is high blood pressure, high blood finger and high blood sugar. It takes effect in 2 days, improves sleep, reduces three levels and recovers completely in 3 to 5 months. The third kind of tumor patients, improve blood, achieve the effect of shrinking tumor within 2 weeks, complete recovery time is different, can ensure that life safety is not endangered. The fourth category is the world’s largest bacterial infection population. The patients with specific fast negative Helicobacter pylori positive infection lasted for 3 to 5 days, which is several times shorter than that of Western medicine and Western medicine. Novel coronavirus infection is a high-risk group of the global population index, reaching fifty percent.

Living bacteria with enzymes, microorganisms, traditional Chinese medicine, food (parents in law), cure of HIV

Nowadays, there are nearly 40 million people infected with HIV in the world. Most of them take conventional western medicine to control the virus. Nearly 50% of them have discomfort, fatigue, abnormal liver function, inflammation of digestive system, tuberculosis, brain tuberculosis, long nodules on the skin and muscles, walking flustered and seriously unable to work. Up to now, western medicine and Western medicine have failed to cure AIDS Disease, completely cut off the right of AIDS people to have children, western medicine and Western medicine treatment program can not make aids people return to normal life circle, the effect of conventional western medicine for AIDS is similar to that of poison, which can kill vipers, but the potential Viper eggs in human body are invalid, so they cannot recover. We must bear the pain that normal people don’t have.

Our company (Beijing Fuxi International Medical Research Co., Ltd.), in the traditional Chinese medicine food “Fu Zheng Po” series of products (with enzyme active bacteria and microorganisms) to improve rehabilitation (Sanqing), minimal side effects, using to improve the gastrointestinal mucus flora, kill bacteria and viruses in the gastrointestinal tract. Increase the index of various enzymes in the blood circulation system, and dissolve the suspected clots in the blood and the affiliated blood on various tissues. Through the improvement of blood quality, we can improve lung function, heart function, liver function, muscle tissue, ligament tissue, bone tissue, bone marrow hematopoietic system, peripheral nerve and so on. Appeal to the improvement of various systems of the human body, the patients with mild AIDS infection and those with AIDS incubation period improve well within one month and a half, the indexes of various enzymes and proteins in the blood routine and urine routine of the infected patients are low, and the indexes of various proteins are low, which can reach normal or higher within two weeks after taking. At this time, we began to stop using conventional western medicine, and the symptoms of people infected with AIDS disappeared within two months. The indexes of various enzymes in the urine routine of the patients with infection were low, but now they are slightly higher. Most of them can not detect DNA virus nucleic acid after eating for 2 months, and the viral load detection is less than 20 COBE (reaching the normal health standard). Antibody test paper showed that HIV antibody disappeared, 30% of HIV infected people need three months to fully recover. In 2013, these AIDS patients who were recovered with living bacteria and microorganisms have been followed up for more than 6 years. At least once a year, the virus load test was carried out. No one recovered found the virus again, and the human immune system test report was completely normal.

Introduction to the main effective ingredients of the company’s products (parents in law) and the basic procedures for the recovery of HIV infection. Auxiliary zhengpo series of food: Based on rice, add Heze, Hedyotis diffusa, Houttuynia cordata, chestnut and so on, and through special process, cultivate the normal temperature dry powder microbial live food. There are 800000 living bacteria per gram of dry powder, and 27 kinds of enzymes. The product enters the gastrointestinal tract by taking warm water. The live bacteria of the product can live in the food and intestinal mucus in the gastrointestinal tract for 24 hours, and the number of live bacteria can develop to 100000 times of the original amount of live bacteria. These live bacteria then corrode the harmful bacteria and viruses in the gastrointestinal tract, such as those infected with Helicobacter pylori, whose index is less than 500, after taking the product for 3 days, the detection of Helicobacter pylori turns negative.

The first population, the incubation period of AIDS (has not used conventional western medicine, also can not detect the viral load). The second kind of population, AIDS patients, has detected the viral load, has not yet taken conventional western medicine. The third group has been taking conventional western medicine for 3 years and 8 years, but there are some symptoms, such as fatigue, poor digestive system, liver function problems, and lymph nodes in the body.

1) This year, 80% of 187 pre incubation HIV infected people failed to test the number of AIDS. These incubation people took 21 days, HIV antibody test turned negative. Generally speaking, take the product for 2 months.

2) 125 people with HIV infection have been diagnosed with HIV infection. The viral load has reached 70000-150000, and they have not taken conventional Western AIDS drugs. After 18 days of eating this product, the viral load has decreased by 18000-25000, and CD4 has started to rise from the original (300-400 base) by 15-50. Blood routine urine routine enzyme index is higher, protein index is higher. 95% of the patients could not detect the HIV load after 2 months of administration, 92% of them turned negative after 3 months of administration, and the detection of viral nucleic acid was less than 20 COBE (standard for normal healthy people).

3) 398 people who took conventional western medicine for AIDS for 3 to 8 years had weakness, abnormal liver function, digestive system problems, lymphadenopathy and other side effects of conventional western medicine, resulting in decreased immunity. Generally speaking, these people take the same Western medicine for 2 weeks (separated from western medicine, most of the symptoms have disappeared within 2 weeks, and their mental state has been very good. They began to stop the conventional western medicine for AIDS. 70% of the people in 3 months, the virus antibody turned negative, and the virus nucleic acid was qualified (index of normal healthy people). Thirty percent of those who are infected, those who are regularly taking conventional western medicine for AIDS, already have tuberculosis, brain tuberculosis and swollen lymph nodes, and need to take 5 months to fully recover.

The main action procedures of Fu zhengpo series products in human body: after taking the product (3 G 2.4 million enzyme with live bacteria and microorganisms), it enters the gastrointestinal tract – propagates and increases the number of live bacteria and microorganisms by 100000 to 200000 times – improves the ecological environment of gastrointestinal microorganisms (eliminating dampness and toxin, 2 to 4 days, wet and shapeless stools). In the first stage of “Sanqing”, clear away all kinds of dampness in the body) – improve human blood, dissolve and decompose clots in blood vessels, dilute blood concentration, and effectively improve blood circulation (at this time, the whole body is hot and sweating, not body temperature and fever, want to sleep and can not lift up mental state). In the second stage of “Sanqing”, the body will be cleared from cold air to form various kinds of fatty muscles, fat packs, etc.) – improve and repair the muscle tissue and ligament tissue (the pain of thigh muscle and posterior shoulder deltoid muscle at the beginning) – improve the bone marrow of hematopoiesis system (the muscle discomfort caused by muscle and skeletal membrane) – improve and repair the itch of palms, feet and palms (human peripheral nerves) – improve Cerebral blood circulation system, eye capillaries (occasional headache, eye discomfort) – liver and lung improve detoxification (pain in both ribs, pain in the lower side of the heart socket, one week later, the stool is not formed, and the stool is moist. In the third stage of “Sanqing”, virus and core virus were eliminated. Human ligament, bone marrow and liver were the main virus hiding places) – HIV nucleic acid (healthy and qualified) – HIV antibody turned negative.

The novel coronavirus products are summarized to solve the problem of haematogenous spread virus (AIDS, new coronavirus) without neurogenic virus, to solve the human tumor (not to mention the improvement of blood circulation quality, to shrink tumor to full recovery, to replenish and improve various human enzymes and proteins, to resolve various small nodules and control tumor in human body, and to solidify human blood. The main gene of the nodal mass is the low blood enzyme index. As long as the blood enzyme index is increased, the index of various lymph nodes is decreased, and the tumor or nodule is shrunken and shrunk), the three high population has special effects, 80% of which are effective on the same day, three drops, sleep improvement, and more than three months of intentional use.

The main achievements of our company (Beijing Fuxi International Medical Research Co., Ltd.) are: complete rehabilitation of AIDS with enzyme attached microbial live food (2-5 months); specific and rapid killing of HP HP Helicobacter pylori (3-5 days, with infection index less than 500); this achievement seeks the cooperation email of global medical institutions 

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