Getting Ready for Getting Back to Business

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Getting Ready for Getting Back to Business

June 03
20:13 2020
Getting Ready for Getting Back to Business

Tye Swenson, owner of Frameworks Services, Tampa, FL
Improving Indoor Air Quality Helps Keep People Safe

by Jim Kedge

TAMPA, FL – Many companies across the country are adjusting to new standards in their office spaces and business dealings. Not only are organizations interested in minimizing unsafe contact with their clients, but they are also concerned with creating functional and safe spaces for their teams to gather and work. From proper shielding and face masks to proper sanitization and hand-washing practices, businesses are doing everything they can to keep the spread of Covid-19 down. One company in the Tampa area has another way to aid the fight.

“We are seeing lots of recommendations for people to gather, at safe distances that is, outside,” explains Tye Swenson, owner of Frameworks Services in Tampa, Florida.  “With particles being one of the causes for the spread of diseases, open air helps these particles break down.” One issue with many workspaces is that close quarters and enclosed spaces lead to a higher risk of contamination. With a lack of proper airflow, it gets too easy for particles to latch on to surfaces. Others can touch those areas, infecting themselves in the process.

Swenson states that companies have to take the air quality of their office spaces and warehouses seriously. “Not everyone can meet outside or even open up their windows to create better airflow,” says Tye. “There are people who still have to meet inside.” Swenson explains that there are ways to make indoor spaces more efficient at staying clean and germ-free. The biggest recommendation, beyond sanitation and cleanliness, is investing in an air purifier. 

Air purification systems work with furnaces and air conditioners to remove and eliminate airborne allergens, germs, and bacteria. There are several kinds of systems that can work in various environments and settings.

“Our company, Frameworks Services, has recently installed five air purification systems in businesses in the Tampa area,” Tye points out. “Taking measures to keep environments clean is part of what will make a better transition for non-essential businesses.” Tye explains that his company has expert training and are equipped to install their systems in workplaces. Their family-owned company has steadily grown and offers the best in customer service and efficient technology.

While there are limited studies about the effectiveness of air purification on Covid-19, large-scale filters are proven to work well at reducing harmful bacteria and allergens in homes and office buildings. “An air purifier will not remove the need for proper sanitization practices and frequent hand-washing,” clarifies Tye, “but this is one more tool to help people take extra precautions at work.”

Frameworks Services offers 24-hour, seven day a week services in heating, air conditioning, and plumbing, with electrical services coming soon, to the Tampa area.

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