Share Brilliant Ideas in Email Exchange – SHAO President Hu Jiaqi Communicates with Master Economist Online

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Share Brilliant Ideas in Email Exchange – SHAO President Hu Jiaqi Communicates with Master Economist Online

June 03
13:41 2020

Marklinsky said: “Wisdom is not dried up, into thoughts and ideas, will be splashed countless sparks.” — Preface

In April, mild wind brings warmth, and swallows tweet on the beam.  

Two scholars exchange ideas on the same theme online.  

One is a profound and strict anthropologist, and the other is a venerable and learned master of economics.    

They strike a chord with each other due to similar values and interests; and the earnest care about human future makes them have a nice chat.   

They are Mr. Hu Jiaqi, SHAO founder and president, and a famous Chinese anthropologist and the Professor Yew-Kwang Ng, a famous Chinese economist and the academician of Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia respectively.

In the middle of April, Professor Yew-Kwang Ng read some chapters of Saving Humanity written by Mr. Hu Jiaqi upon the recommendation of other people, and praised it a lot. So he specially sent Hu Jiaqi an email, saying that “I really wonder at and quite impressed by your profound knowledge, as well as your grand and kind ideal which may not be reached by great professors who have been engaged in the academic circle for a long term”. Along with the email, Professor Yew-Kwang Ng sent eight careful comments expressing his suggestions for reference, and several bilingual articles published previously, covering “preventing human extinction, seeking animal welfare, and reinforcing UN functions and strength”. With much enthusiasm, Professor Yew-Kwang Ng is willing to share writing experience with Hu Jiaqi, and he also said modestly, “I am waiting for your instructions”.     

Zengzi said: “The gentleman by his culture collects friends about him, and through these friends promotes goodness”. The two make exchanges online first and take to each other at once.  

During exchanges by email, the two wise men appreciate and respect each other, and exchange ideas honestly on eight academic viewpoints, with meeting of minds, full of spark. The friendly “academic exchange” is concerned with three aspects and several small points in Saving Humanity, including “revelations from aliens, basic considerations of the unification plan, and design of unified society”. In addition, they also put forward their opinions on “unified moral values for mankind”. They expressed their own views clearly, and conducted a heated discussion in emails to seek a consensus on truth.  

When the anthropologist meets the master of the economics, it would certainly be interaction of wisdom. They, from different fields, discuss cutting-edge topics about human fate and technology risks, etc. and present a feast of thoughts to the public.

SHAO founder and president, and an anthropologist Mr. Hu Jiaqi indicated previously that the organization is dedicated to promoting the awakening movement of humankind in a peaceful manner, so that people across the world can realize that irrational development of science and technology may lead to human extinction. It calls for the world to monitor and limit the research and development of technology strictly, and to be moderate and cautious to apply achievements in science and technology. He wishes to exchange ideas with far-sighted personage from different fields all over the world on eclectic topics through various forms, to learn from each other and draw on their experience, so as to increase the social attention and international influence of SHAO. SHAO is ready to join hands with all parties to resist risks to world security brought by the disorderly development of science and technology, and thus to promote the cause of saving humans and finally realize the permanent survival and general happiness of all human beings.


The times produce their heroes. The development of human civilization embodies the wisdom of numerous giants, masters, and scholars, and it is their inheritance and innovation that promotes the social change and historical development. Heroes would die and the times would change, what remains unchanged is the pass of culture and thoughts from generation to generation.       

We can see the inheritance and promotion of an eternal spirit from the two masters. 

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