Dropshyp Brings New Hope to Businesses Worldwide During Covid19 Crisis

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Dropshyp Brings New Hope to Businesses Worldwide During Covid19 Crisis

June 02
10:20 2020

San Jose, CA – June 2, 2020 – Today’s businesses and CEOs are faced with overwhelming, competing challenges and uncharted waters due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One company from California is focusing on supporting such businesses and entrepreneurs who have been hit financially.

“Dropshyp,” as the name suggests — dropship, which launched recently as a subsidiary of a Delaware incorporation, is focused on supporting businesses primarily in the East and Europe to gain more visibility in the global markets. 

As their Crunchbase page mentions, Dropshyp is conceptualized by international founders from Europe and Asia, which allows them to reach businesses in their regions better. In particular, Dropshyp is focusing on streamlining the supply chain where interactions with suppliers and manufacturers become seamless.

Out of necessity, CEOs have prioritized the Now, focusing on supporting their people, customers, and suppliers, and orchestrating responses to supply chain disruption. In parallel, leaders have sought to stabilize revenues and take care of customers, to reshape their businesses to align with evolving demand and find new growth pathways.

Organizations are also trying to expand existing offerings and create new service lines, and so is Dropshyp. The company supports entrepreneurs to dropship products more seamlessly and efficiently than their competitors; they also have a commission-based affiliate system on their website. With the rise of dropshipping and affiliate marketing, the company is focusing on the $100 billion market. Is Dropshyp the future?

The concept of Dropshyp comes from something far more modern: the malls with cheap and good quality goods. The website has been designed to mimic the experience of wandering and getting lost in a place filled with cheap stuff to buy as far as the eye can see. This is a direct repudiation of the type of search-first purchase behavior encouraged by Amazon and other online retailers.

Because we have traditionally reached people through Facebook advertising, customers have been more product-focused than brand focused,” the company says. “We want people to create more of a relationship with Dropshyp so that they know they can come back here whenever they want to either find that weird, quirky, fun product or something that they feel like they were looking for a great value on.”

Dropshyp is building a team of buyers who will focus on acquiring distressed name-brand inventory to sell on the site — particularly in fashion and makeup. The most appealing feature the company mentions is the “Community” — they are aiming to provide a community for buyers, sellers, entrepreneurs, and businesses to communicate and discuss with each other.

With COVID, the world had seen situations like never before. With businesses failing and entrepreneurs left with nothing, Dropshyp is giving new hope to the people to earn money without much effort through an online space rather than brick and mortar. But is this the future? All business coming online is definitely the future.

For more information, please visit: www.dropshyp.com

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