Purbloc Offers a Cleaning Product Called “NANO CLEAN and degrease” That Helps Keep the Home Safe from Germs, Bacteria, Dirt, and Grease

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Purbloc Offers a Cleaning Product Called “NANO CLEAN and degrease” That Helps Keep the Home Safe from Germs, Bacteria, Dirt, and Grease

June 02
07:00 2020
Purbloc Offers a Cleaning Product Called "NANO CLEAN and degrease" That Helps Keep the Home Safe from Germs, Bacteria, Dirt, and Grease
Purbloc’s aim is to help homes and businesses remain clean, especially during these unprecedented times characterized by the global spread of the novel Coronavirus. With Purbloc’s NANO CLEAN and degrease solution, consumers can rest easy knowing that on a NANO level they are helping promote a healthier environment by using the world’s first all-natural, organic ‘Any Surface’ daily cleaner to help fight the spread of illness-causing germs using NANO FORMULATION TECHNOLOGY.

Phoenix, AZ – Purbloc is a company that is focused on offering effective green cleaning solutions to consumers in Phoenix, AZ and across the United States. Having made success over the years with its well-researched and well-formulated cleaning solutions, Purbloc is proud to announce that the use of its NANO CLEAN and degrease solution can offer homeowners a chance to better fight the spread of bacteria and other microorganisms on all surfaces in homes and businesses. NANO CLEAN & degrease is a natural citrus-based cleaner with an unmatched performance that is safe for all surfaces! The first cleaner developed using NANO FORMULATION TECHNOLOGY. What is NANO FORMULATION TECHNOLOGY? NANO FORMULATION TECHNOLOGY is the manipulation of chemistries to produce the same atoms and molecules on a macroscale, which greatly enhances a product’s performance, uses and safety profile.

Making the announcement, the spokesperson for the company noted that the cleaning solution has been effectively fortified to ensure that users are guaranteed a safe, healthy, ‘NANO’ cleaned indoor and outdoor area. Purbloc is particularly recommending the NANO CLEAN and degrease solution be used to clean all surfaces; not only the dirt and grease, but that includes germs, bacteria and other microorganisms, especially in the face of the current global pandemic.

Aiming to help more individuals across the United States combat the spread of all microorganisms in their homes and businesses, even as they follow social distancing guidelines as directed by the government and healthcare systems, Justin Rausch, the spokesperson for Purbloc said, “Our cleaning products work to reduce germs and other microorganisms from every surface in your home and business with every use. Spray NANO CLEAN & degrease solution to clean and maintain any surface, appliance, and furniture in your home daily or any time after someone or their pet comes into your house. You never know what they could be bringing in, no matter how small the odds. Because the virus can spread through pets, this applies to dogs, cats, and other animals as well.”

Advising consumers on how to best protect themselves and loved ones from the novel virus that is spreading fast across nations, the spokesperson for the company added that homeowners should take measures to improve their attention to biosecurity. The company further recommended that in addition to the use of Purbloc cleaning products, consumers should also pay attention to cleaning their pets after they have been out and exposed to areas where the Coronavirus may be present.

Purbloc guarantees that its cleaning products are safe for all surfaces and have been designed so that they come in ready to use trigger spray and concentrates. Consumers can also rest assured that the cleaning product is made from natural formulas that have been tested and trusted to get rid of germs, bacteria, dirt, and grease on a NANO level. Tomorrows Technology Here Today!

Purbloc is headquartered in Phoenix, AZ 85034. Contact their team via phone at 480-237-9363 or via email at [email protected] For additional information regarding their NANO CLEAN and degrease solution or to place an order, visit their company’s website: www.purbloc.com

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