New COVID-19 risk assessment app “COVID-19 Risk Profiler” helping businesses reopen safely

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New COVID-19 risk assessment app “COVID-19 Risk Profiler” helping businesses reopen safely

May 25
23:35 2020
COVID-19 Risk Profiler is a web app that will help businesses assess Coronavirus risk of customers faster and easier than ever.

Scottsdale, AZ – May 25, 2020 – As businesses across the world embark to reopening the economy, business owners are struggling for options to maintain a safe operation amid the Coronavirus pandemic. In that light, two brothers have launched an advanced web app to help businesses keep their staff and customers safe despite the virus pandemic around. Titled “COVID-19 Risk Profiler”, the app helps users to gauge the COVID risk of a client or patient prior to the appointment. 

COVID-19 Risk Profiler is a multilingual app (English, Mandarin and Spanish) and is free to download. The app is currently being used in 30 physicians’ offices across the Phoenix Metro Area. 

Deigned in collaboration with local area doctors, COVID-19 Risk Profiler deploys a quick survey to assess the Coronavirus risk of a customer/patient. Based on CDC guidelines, it’s an easy 4-question survey that can be emailed or texted to patients/clients prior to their appointments. Once a customer fills in his responses, the Risk Profiler calculates the risk of transmission and results are forwarded to the business owners or physicians with detailed triage recommendations.  

The screening app benefits user-businesses in two major ways – 

  • Reduce additional workload on staff caused by conventional procedure of risk assessment over the phone
  • Reduces staff anxiety due to exposure to potential COVID-19 positive clients

“On one hand, COVID-19 Risk Profiler will cut down on the time and labor wasted on individualized Coronavirus risk assessment over the phone. On another, as it will offer assessment results before appointment, it will help you to fix appointments only with those clients who do not pose threats of virus infection to your workspace. This way, you will be able to create a safer office despite the pandemic around, much to the relief of your employees and other visiting customers”, stated Arjun Moorthy, who founded COVID-19 Risk Profiler in collaboration with his brother Arun Moorthy.

(In Frame : Arjun Moorthy)

Interestingly, the Risk Profiler was developed by the Moorthy brothers to keep cancer patients safe as they continue with their treatments amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“We work closely with cancer patients and doctors, so we know how important it is to keep them safe through this crisis,” added Arjun Moorthy.

Speaking on, he said healthcare employees are now spending an additional 20% to 30% of their time screening, triaging, and protecting their patients from the spread of the viral menace. A major reason here is constant calls made to patients prior to appointments to assess their risk of transmitting the disease and putting proper safety protocols in place for all patients.

“Our original idea was to help physicians’ offices to cope more efficiently with the increased workload due to the pandemic,” noted, Arun Moorthy. “If they had the time to properly triage their patients, we knew they would be better equipped to keep people safe. We wanted to reduce the extra workload created by conventional risk assessment procedure through a simple tech solution. And thus, COVID-19 Risk Profiler app was born.” 

(In Frame: Arun Moorthy)

The Risk Profiler web app is ideal any type of business, especially appointment-based businesses that need person-2-person contact. From hair salons to law offices to restaurants, the app will help all to understand COVID-19 risk profile of customers prior to appointment.

The COVID-19 Risk Profiler has received rave reviews from both healthcare centers and patients who signed up for the assessment –

I received the survey link in my usual confirmation text message from my doctor’s office. It took just two minutes to fill out, and when I arrived for my appointment, the staff were ready to greet me at a separate entrance, knowing that one of my family members had contracted the coronavirus.” –  a local patient who took the assessment

The COVID-19 Risk Profiler allows us to identify high-risk patients ahead of time. The app has minimized confusion during appointments, and it allows staff and patients to feel safe.” – Candace Samoza, Director of COVID Response Team at Arizona Center for Cancer Care, one of the first clinics that implemented the Risk Profiler. 

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