Celebrity Fitness Mogul Chris aka Dream fast becoming the favourite training guru for aspiring bodybuilders

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Celebrity Fitness Mogul Chris aka Dream fast becoming the favourite training guru for aspiring bodybuilders

May 25
23:25 2020
Leading bodybuilder, weightlifter and fitness trainer Chris aka Dream helping people to reach their fitness goals through seasoned and personalised personal training.

USA – May 25, 2020 – Talk about the most promising stars of the latest fitness scene and you have Chris aka Dream commanding a fair share of the limelight today. The celebrity fitness mogul is currently extending his expert guidance on fitness training for aspiring bodybuilders and that too at a great price. A dynamic man with the perfect envious physique, Dream is a certified power-building personal trainer who is always looking forward to go above and beyond for his clients.

“Being a certified trainer, I do understand the ins and outs of perfect fitness training on a much deeper level. Also, I have been a bodybuilder and weightlifter for more than a decade now and you can count on my years of experience for a seasoned guidance. I look forward to help aspiring bodybuilders attain that perfect sculpted physique and that too without costing them a small fortune. The best achievement for me is to witness my clients transforming themselves into their dream physique and, honestly, I live for that”, stated Chris aka Dream.

What makes Chris’ training different from other trainers is that he focuses on wholesome fitness of his clients, including both physical and mental fitness. The internationally renowned bodybuilder not only guide his clients on building muscles but also teaches them life lessons to boost their confidence and uplift their mental strength. 

“Fitness to me is not limited to a great physique only. Rather I believe it’s a holistic concept and involves both physical and mental fitness. Added to guiding my clients on building muscles and increase physical strength, I also guide them to improve their mental stamina and confidence. I am always ready to walk that extra mile to see my clients succeed in their fitness goals.”

His innovative training approach has witnessed soaring success rates with his clients, and today Dream is a highly followed fitness expert over social media with 118k+ followers on Instagram.

Speaking further, Dream stressed on following a customised training approach for each of his clients. According to him, each client has a different body and hence needs personalised training specifications to ensure the best of results. 

About Chris aka Dream

A highly acclaimed bodybuilder, weightlifter and fitness trainer, Christopher Dorn is a man of many parts. He started his athletic career with college football and it’s his extraordinary athletic agility and swiftness on & off the field that earned him the name “Dream” from his teammates. After football, he shifted his focus to his old love weightlifting and bodybuilding which earned him several accolades from esteemed physique shows and the media. The much loved bodybuilder has graced several billboards and has inspired millions with his famous appearance on the cover of the prestigious Muscle Sports magazine. As a celebrity fitness trainer, Chris believes in pushing clients out of their comfort zone so that they can make the best of their physical abilities.

For more, please visit https://www.instagram.com/itsdreamsworld

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