Mason Gatsby Talks about His Company, Current Work and the New Brand Promotion for ALT.Fragrances

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Mason Gatsby Talks about His Company, Current Work and the New Brand Promotion for ALT.Fragrances

May 22
23:24 2020
Mason Gatsby Talks about His Company, Current Work and the New Brand Promotion for ALT.Fragrances

May 22, 2020 – A high-flying influencer and brand promoter, Mason Gatsby is cherishing every moment of his life. With several endorsement deals and collaborations with super brands, Mason couldn’t have asked for more. ‘Release Wire’ sat down with Mason to talk about his lifestyle, current work and more.

Release Wire (RW): So Mason, a great year so far for you. What’s up these days?

Mason: Thanks for having me here. I guess pretty much the same things as last year… hard work during the day and then cool down sessions at my favorite lounge. I still love my BMW i8 and my dog, and now there are more brands to promote.

RW: You have single handedly redefined the brand promotion and influence marketing industry. On top of that, you are a fashion icon with your own clothing brand. 

Mason: You could say that. Actually I have founded The Gatsby’s, a full-fledged public relations and influencer company. So that has made all of my work pretty much well organized.

RW: Could you talk about any brand in particular that you are promoting and personally impressed with?

Mason: Well… I think I am very impressed with this perfume brand, it’s called ALT Fragrances. They have a whole range of fragrances that are just like premium brands but cost a fraction of the original prices. 

RW: Interesting, tell us more about it.

Mason: So ALT is this brand which develops the alternative to very costly perfumes, but does not charge the ‘brand tax’. Do you know that the actual fluid inside the costly brand bottles hardly costs a dollar? The rest is all supercharge for marketing, packaging, brand name, and fees. 

ALT was founded by Michael Saba, a great innovator. He asked why the global perfume brands were so costly, like Philipp Plein, Dior, or Versace. We all love these perfumes, but the prices are forbidding.

So Saba and his team developed alternatives, perfumes that smell just the same, have the same aroma and signature, but at very cheap prices. These are not entirely imitations, but rather alternatives. They started out with seven best selling colognes and perfumes, and now have more.

RW: Have you actually tried any of these? What was the experience like?

Mason: I have tried several of ALT perfumes. My favorites are Executive and Cherry Smash. The perfumes are mind bending, and carry a punch that lasts for long. 

RW: Why do you say mind bending? What was so special?

Mason: Well, take for instance the perfume, Inspired by F*cking Fabulous. Now this one has the aroma of Easter exoticism, while retaining a gentleman’s club type of feel. The aroma lingers and carries hints of almond bitter oil, tonka resin, clary sage oil, and cashmeran. It’s masculine, but much elevated.

RW: Which are their best selling products?

Mason: Among the bestselling perfumes and colognes from ALT, I will include Inspired by Aventus, Inspired by F*cking Fabulous, Inspired by Baccarat Rouge 540, Inspired by Oud Wood, Inspired by Green Irish Tweed, and Inspired by Neroli Portofino.

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