Meet Mehdi Chitsaz – The First Iranian Rapper in Montreal, Canada

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Meet Mehdi Chitsaz – The First Iranian Rapper in Montreal, Canada

May 22
17:27 2020

Mehdi Chitsaz (born September 17, 1998), better known by his stage name Chit2am, is an artist, Producer, songwriter, and Actor living in Montreal, Canada. Self-made vocalist Chit2am the first Iranian rapper in Montreal. Chit2am’s musical success is the creative flowering that follows years of dedication and hard work building up his business enterprises. He was born in Isfahan in 1998 as Mehdi Chitsaz. The noise around Chit2am’s releases has built through teasers on his much-followed Instagram feed @Chit2am.


He started his career in the music industry since 2016 when he moved to Canada as a teenager. By the age of 17, he had begun to see great results from his efforts. He then began training others to do what he did, creating more opportunities for more people, and investing in other projects to help them flourish. While studying at university, Mehdi moved naturally into software development and created many rap websites for companies and some famous artists. He recently has dedicated his skills to developing the ideas of other young talents looks for them, helps them grow, and supports them in selling their ideas and developing their skills. Mehdi contributed to hundreds of unique, one-of-a-kind projects. Because of the passion he had toward Rap/Hip-hop Music, he started to use his skills in one of the biggest Persian Rap websites known as “Yeke Montreal”.

Mehdi started his Musical career with “Nicotine”, a local producer and his best friend in Montreal. They produced a few unofficial singles which were never released.

During the following months and years, Mehdi turned his attention towards bigger projects. In 2018 he made a collaboration song called “Sedaye Ayande” with Nima Nimosh who is one of the very well-known Persian rappers. In 2019 he released a song called “Captain” which was produced by Khashayar Sr, a known producer collaborating with TikTaak group and Sepehr Khalse, which brought him an opportunity to be featured in “Bez Jibet — Remix” by Behzad Leito and Sepehr Khalse with the artist name of Chit2am. This collaboration made him more popular among all Iranian communities and created the opportunity for him to perform alongside Sepehr Khalse in the biggest Persian valentine party of Montreal, which was one of his biggest goals in his artistic career. The performance was a team effort of the “Yeke Montreal” team in which Mehdi also took part as a contributor. As the founder of the “Yeke Montreal” label, Mehdi has worked with locally known Iranian brands and names in Montreal such as Hafteh magazine. He currently studies Software engineering at the Concordia University of Montreal, and his goal is to integrate his ideas in software and app development into his biggest passion which is the music and rap industry.

He has had 14 tracks released and they were all top hits in Radio Javan. And the music of “Yeke Montreal” was also praised on the Manoto Tv Show. He also was very talented in Photography and Directory which he used to have activities but his passion towards music and his background all together have brought a great success. Mehdi has performed in many shows locally & across the country, owned his own label. many years of dedication and experiences have made it possible to take his live show, music, and career to the next level.

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Country: Canada

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