Biomedicine Prevails For Endometriosis: Endogen – The Final Resolution

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Biomedicine Prevails For Endometriosis: Endogen – The Final Resolution

May 21
21:32 2020
Biomedicine Prevails For Endometriosis: Endogen - The Final Resolution

History re-written as Dr. Sheryene Tejeda becomes the first to discover a biomedical cure for what was an incurable disease.

One with limited or no knowledge about Endometriosis can’t fully appreciate Dr. Sheryene Tejeda’s discovery. The affected population however will see her discovery as an answer to their prayers. Endometriosis is a medical condition that affect millions of women globally. It is a disorder in which tissues that normally line the uterus migrate and grow outside of the uterus.

The growth of these Endometrial implants give rise to scarring, inflammation and adhesions which frequently leads to debilitating pain, compromised fertility and a host of other medical conditions. People with limited knowledge often confuse its early signs with intense PMS issues thus paying little or no attention to it. The unavailability of adequate treatment for Endometriosis can potentially lead to infertility, and compromise one’s colon and other organs. To avoid this, it’s imperative that attention be paid during its early stages. 

Dr. Tejeda has gained worldwide acclaim as a historical and prominent minority female pioneer in biomedicine. Through perseverance, she is changing the lives for women and their families globally by offering a bio medicinal cure for Endometriosis, a disorder once deemed incurable.

Before Dr. Tejeda’s discovery, Endometriosis had been impervious to contemporary medicine, offering techniques such as hormone therapies, surgery and other means that have proved to be abortive. Her 3 part protocol Endogen is the game changer. The product will be available to consumers this year. This therapeutic matrix is an integrative approach that encompasses addressing the psycho-neural, bio-physical and bio-chemical aspects of an individual to achieve overall healing. When taken as suggested, Endogen can not only resolve Endometriosis, but in many cases restore fertility that resulted from the condition. Endogen is comprised of all natural which also improves the functionality of reproductive structures, minimizing PMS symptoms and normalizing menses.

Dr. Sheryene Tejeda’s Endogen is a groundbreaking advancement for biomedicine. Her efforts mark a historical point in reproductive biomedicine that will forever change the lives of women worldwide. Though proud of her achievement, she has stated that this is just beginning and remains self motivated through her motto, “Giving Up Is Not An Option”.

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