Cargonaija Announces Exclusive Cargo and Air Freight Shipping From China to Nigeria

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Cargonaija Announces Exclusive Cargo and Air Freight Shipping From China to Nigeria

May 20
19:40 2020

Cargonaija announces special shipping services for people, business owners and individuals who love to ship their goods and consignment from China to Nigeria. The company is fully ready to help every interested individual who desires to transport their goods to Nigeria from China. Cargonaija is a company that is widely renowned for efficient and affordable cargo shipping and air freight services. The company moves cargo, through air and sea, from any country of the world to another at affordable prices. However, the company is now announcing a unique service that is primarily aimed at moving cargo and air freights from China to Nigeria.

Not minding the supply chain disruptions due to coronavirus, Cargonaija keeps responding to the great need for air cargo and freight shipping capacity by providing air freight and cargo shipping services to anyone who wants to move their consignment to Nigeria from China. The brand is offering these services to provide dedicated freighter and cargo capacity for cars, supplies and other urgent shipments to Nigeria. With this Cargonaija exclusive shipping services, each client we have access to:

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted supply chains worldwide, Cargonaija has designed a new service to help business owners, individuals in Nigeria transport their shipments, cargo from China to Nigeria. In some industries such as automotive, apparel and hospitality, production and delivery cycles are slowing or temporarily stopped as demand lessens, and safety precautions are followed. To keep supplies moving, Cargonaija remained operating, adjusting their schedules, and providing emergency charters to everyone who wants to move cargo or freight from China to Nigeria. The new service will make Cargonaija deliver door to door cargo and freight solely to Nigeria. As a company of high repute, Cargonaija always ensures affordable and efficient container shipping services from anywhere in the world, especially from China to Nigeria. In addition to affordable cargo freight and air shipping services, the company also delivers every consignment promptly.

There are a number of cargo and shipping companies all over the world. But the question is, how many of them are reliable and trustworthy. Cargonaija is founded to help everyone who wants to ship cargo or freight from one part of the world to another. To make Nigerian business owners have exclusive access to shipping from China to Nigeria, we have designed this exclusive cargo shipping and air freight services. We will deliver your consignment to Nigeria in a short time and in good condition. As a brand with years of experience in shipping, we pride ourselves in giving you the best service. Your consignment gets to their destination safely and most especially without any hidden charges,” said Cargonaija Managing Director. 

Unlike other shipping companies that ship goods to Nigeria, Cargonaija helps its clients to ascertain the weight of their goods. This is done when a client does not know the actual weight of its cargo and items. The company weighs the cargo when it arrives at the warehouse and charges client a reasonable price.

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