The Phenix Group Partners With Lenders To Help Homebuyers Navigate The Purchasing Process Amid COVID-19 Uncertainty

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The Phenix Group Partners With Lenders To Help Homebuyers Navigate The Purchasing Process Amid COVID-19 Uncertainty

May 20
12:15 2020
The Phenix Group Partners With Lenders To Help Homebuyers Navigate The Purchasing Process Amid COVID-19 Uncertainty
Credit repair company, The Phenix Group, seeks to ease financial anxiety by helping potential home buyers implement long-term strategies for securing loan approval.

The Phenix Group, an attorney-enforced credit restoration company based in Fort Worth, Texas, announced their on-going partnership with lenders in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite fears surrounding the coronavirus, the housing market is booming. With supply exceeding demand, purchasers have the opportunity to negotiate pricing and capitalize on the shifting marketplace. 

As we navigate the uncertainty of COVID-19, The Phenix Group not only wants to give recognition to all those working tirelessly around the clock to fight this pandemic, but they are also focused on helping their community during this crisis. In exercising compassion, their credit specialists are committed to being a resource and beacon of hope for those navigating the home buying experience. 

Now is the time for individuals and families to evaluate their financial health, determine where their credit stands, and explore options they could potentially qualify for. For prospective buyers who already own a home, there are new opportunities to secure phenomenal rates and tap into equity to pay off debt or invest in other revenue streams. 

Empowering The Community During Trying Times

Lenders have been actively pursuing The Phenix Group, who has agreed to a partnership focused on helping more people successfully navigate the approval process. With the risk of defaulting on the first payment, forbearances and lending liquidity lenders have tightened their guidelines to fortify their protection. In addition, the mortgage companies have been increasing their minimum FICO score requirements for pre-approval.

This means potential buyers need to weigh the impact of these new requirements. Is your credit score able to withstand potential guideline increases? Will your lender still be in business to fund your loan? To make a meaningful impact, The Phenix Group is opening their doors as both an educational resource and a helping hand for individuals and families going through the home buying process. 

If you’re facing job uncertainty, don’t be afraid of getting evaluated – once your credit is pulled, it’s active for 120 days. This allows you to devise a game plan and work strategically towards your home-owning goals. It’s also important to note that if your employment changes, your lender can close your loan with an offer letter from your new employer. 

Natasha Ibarra, President of The Phenix Group shared, “As states continue to reopen and our new ‘normal’ begins, you may feel more unsure than ever. We want to help. We welcome you to utilize us as a resource for knowledge and education as well as our arsenal of Preferred Partners in the mortgage industry.”

One client, Jimmy, turned to The Phenix Group after his employer failed to provide him with a paycheck for two months. When his company filed for bankruptcy, Jimmy wound up maxing out his credit cards paying for bills and mortgage payments. Through his partnership with The Phenix Group, Jimmy was given the education, tools, and resources needed to raise his credit score and improve his financial standing. Not only did he raise his score by over 175 points in 4 months, but he was able to move into his dream home with his fiance and get a fresh start. 

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