Day Porter Services Are Very Helpful for Businesses

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Day Porter Services Are Very Helpful for Businesses

May 19
19:43 2020
Day Porter Services Are Very Helpful for Businesses

According to the latest reports, more than 2.5 million small businesses currently call Florida home. This figure doesn’t include the larger companies and major corporations operating throughout the state. These businesses cater to consumers’ needs in numerous ways, including everything from handling finances and preparing convenient meals to covering housing needs and fulfilling incoming orders. Though those companies have their own distinct sets of requirements, they all have a single factor in common.

Understanding the Need for Clean

Despite their various industries and diverse needs, Florida’s businesses need to be clean. This factor can impact companies in many ways. Keeping a workplace neat and sanitary isn’t exactly a simple feat in most instances, but professionals like those with AK Building Services have the tools and experience to do the job right. Having a day porter on hand offers a wide range of benefits for businesses.

Keeping People Safe

Millions of particles continually circulate through the air in homes and businesses. Dirt, dead skin cells, chemicals, and pollen are only a few of the particles that might be floating around in the air in your business. They tend to build up on surfaces as well, which certainly creates an unsightly situation. They can also be dangerous for some people. Those who suffer from allergies and asthma are at particularly high risk at the hands of those foreign particles.

Viruses and bacteria can’t be ignored, either. Those pathogens aren’t restricted to restrooms as many people think. In fact, studies show computer keyboards and phone handsets can harbor as many germs as a public toilet seat. All those unsavory microorganisms can greatly impact the health of your employees. As mentioned at, professional day porters help keep germs and dirt at bay to protect employees and visitors from the dangers lurking in the air and on surfaces in your business.

Increasing Productivity

Happy employees are productive employees, and improved productivity helps boost your bottom line. Though you probably take a number of measures to keep your employees happy, cleanliness can have a more profound effect than you might think. When the workplace is free of dirt and pathogens, your employees are bound to breathe easier and be more at ease. As a result, they’ll be able to better fulfill their roles in your company. In turn, you’ll see a significant uptick in productivity and, by extension, customer satisfaction.

Improving Your Company’s Image

First impressions make a difference. This means those who visit your business for the first time are bound to formulate an opinion based on what they see when they walk through the door. If they see stains on the carpet, spills, dust, and clutter, you might never have a chance to prove your company’s true value to them.

Professional Day Porters at Your Disposal

Your trusted local cleaning crew and day porter provider offers a long list of services to help keep your employees and visitors safe, healthy, and happy. For more than 25 years, they’ve provided the full range of cleaning, sanitization, and water damage restoration services as well as a long list of other alternatives. Visit to schedule a consultation or request a day porter for your company.

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