AnyCARE Announces Senior Protection Solutions for Nursing Homes and Senior Living Facilities under Coronavirus Pandemic

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AnyCARE Announces Senior Protection Solutions for Nursing Homes and Senior Living Facilities under Coronavirus Pandemic

May 19
18:15 2020

IRVINE, CA – May 19, 2020 – AnyCARE Corp is a nimble and innovative health and safety solutions provider for seniors and senior care business partners worldwide. AnyCARE is introducing a health protection solution for nursing homes and senior living facilities to protect their residents and workers from coronavirus. 

The AnyCARE Health Protection Solution consists of Tap health monitors, smartphone apps for the user as well as family and caregivers, and a dashboard for the facility manager to monitor the health status of their senior residents and workers in real-time.

The Tap health monitor is a unique smartwatch innovation, which combines fitness tracker, pulse oximeter and medical alert function into one package. The Tap monitors blood oxygen saturation and heart rate regularly and generates a warning message in case the blood oxygen level drops below safety limit. AnyCARE smartphone apps share current and historical trends of blood oxygen level and heart rate among user, family and caregivers. The dashboard shows the health data of all residents and workers, and receives a warning message in case of low blood oxygen incident detected by any of Tap health monitors.

It is very important to identifying and treating the initial phase of Covid pneumonia earlier by screening for silent hypoxia as described by Dr. Richard Levitan in the following NY Times article. He observed many patients did not report breathing problems, even though their chest X-rays showed diffuse pneumonia and their oxygen was below normal. Normal oxygen saturation for most persons is 94 to 100 percent; Covid pneumonia patients he saw had oxygen saturations as low as 50 percent.  

“AnyCARE Tap can detect a possible problem with oxygenation when the oxygen saturation drops below safety level, which could be an indication of Covid pneumonia.  By screening out the possible Covid pneumonia at the initial phase, the spread of the coronavirus in the facility could be contained early,” noted Dr. Soon B Shin, Co-Founder of AnyCARE. “The purpose of the AnyCARE Health Protection Solution is to provide a health management tool for senior living facility managers to protect their senior residents and workers proactively under coronavirus pandemic. We expedited the development of this safety solution as we could not sit idle at home while watching innocent seniors dying in the nursing homes every day. We hope to make some contribution on protecting seniors from coronavirus with AnyCARE health solutions.”

Since there is no vaccine available to fight the coronavirus effectively, all we can do is to protect ourselves passively by reducing the chance of exposure to the virus with social distancing and frequent hands washing until the vaccines are available. Even the majority of folks who test Covid positive are likely coming from patients without any symptom, the early screening for silent hypoxia using AnyCare TAP can be an effective way to isolate the virus infected person to minimize the spread of coronavirus.

The AnyCARE Health Protection trial kit for nursing homes and senior living facilities can be ordered on Kickstarter at

Link to NY Times article:   

For additional information, please visit or call Jeff at (949) 633-0855

About AnyCARE Corp.:

AnyCARE Corp was founded in 2017 as a developer of senior health and safety solutions provider. AnyCARE’s key strength lies in its ability to rapidly develop and commercialize innovative health monitoring devices andsolutions, and provide the health and safety solutions to seniors and business partners at affordable cost globally.

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Name: Soon B Shin, Ph.D., co-founder
Company: AnyCARE Corp.
Email: [email protected]

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City: Irvine
State: California
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